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Saturday, 13 November 2010

Caravan and Camping Club grid refs. Whitbarrow. Photoshop painting

Here is a copy of the reply from the Caravan and Camping Club relevant to my last post. I hope this may of interest to fellow backpackers.

On Wednesday I had a two hour walk round Whitbarrow, my favourite local locale. It was a jewel of a day weatherwise. Here are a couple of pics confirming this. There was a fair covering of snow on the Lake District hills in the second photo. I think this is  unusual in mid November.

I have gone back to painting again on the computer using Addobe Photoshop Elements.

Here are a couple of my previous efforts followed by the current work in progress.
1. A Yorkshire farmhouse.
2. Ben Alder
3. Part of the refuge complex at Thines in the Cevennes. From my walk of the French gorges.

On the w.i.p  you can see the Photoshop layer behind the painting which is the original photo. The layer with the painting on has a white background, the opacity of which can be reduced so you can see the original photo below. I can then draw the basic outlines of the main features and then bring the white background back again. After that I only use the original photo to look at to help me with the colours etc. The work is done using a Wacom pen tablet. I intend to make further posts as this painting develops. This is a hugely time consuming pastime.


  1. There's a circularity about "a hugely time-consuming pastime". I can't tell whether you're in favour or not. Alas, I am unable to asess your artwork with any precision. I have tinkered around with the controls on the Ilyama monitor and the video card and I am a long way from reality. You may well ask whether that's a state I favour.

  2. BB -I should have used another word, "interest" perhaps. Passing time is unavoidable. Passing time for the sake of it is reprehensible. Passing time profitably is the best we can hope for. I hope my artistic activity falls into the latter category.