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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

New Lulu books. Backpacking for next year

The journals for my 35 day GR5, and my 35 day French gorges walks are now available on Lulu either as a download or a hardback book – see details in red below my profile.

Due to an error in downloading the template from Lulu the size of the GR5 book is smaller: 6 inches x 9inches compared with 8.25inches x 10.75inches, but I was pleasantly surprised with the result.

Plans are afoot for next year’s backpacking trip. The concept is to follow the national boundary of Wales as closely as I can within reason, using footpaths as much as possible, and not being concerend about which side of the border I am on at any one time.
So far I have plotted the route on Memory Map which totals 1561km. The route is plotted in straight lines, and tries to avoid obscuring the printed  footpaths  and roads on the map, and does not follow all the twists and turns. I guess the true distance will exceed the 1561km by at least ten percent.
The next task is to re-join the Camping and Caravan Club and identify and plot onto Memory Map any of their CLs that are near enough the route to be useful. I am a member of the Caravan Club, but most of their CLs do not cater for tents whereas the converse applies to the C&CC. When that is completed I can then print the route  onto sheets of A4. I find I can get ten kilometer squares by six on one sheet which gives some enlargement on the original map.

I have just bought a pair of Inov-8 Roclite 400 GTX boots which I am going to try and save for the Welsh walk, although I will give them a try first. Some kind of review will follow.


  1. Now that sounds interesting. Gayle is already making plans to meet up with you....

  2. That's the longest string of epithets I've ever seen attached to a pair of boots, though Roclite sounds like a contradiction in terms. Apart from their attitude to tents are the C&CC and CC split ideologically, like the British Communist Party and the Communist Party of Great Britain? - now I suspect both defunct but at the time hating each other more than they did the Tories.

    Congratulations on using "converse" correctly. I thought you hadn't but my reputation for semantic rectitude was sustained by a cautious visit to the dictionary. I had in mind the words for the two sides of a coin: obverse and reverse. Many seem to believe that obverse is the backside. I shall now go and lie down.

  3. Mick - I look forward to that. Have you got an epic planned for next year?

    BB - I will reply in my next post - it involves including a scanned jpeg which cannot be inserted into this comments section as far as I know.

  4. The plan for the next Big Walk is reasonably well progressed. The only question is whether we do it next year or 2012 - a decision on which will be made in the next couple of weeks.

    Like you, I intend to join the C&CC before we finalise the plan, purely so that we know where we can take advantage of CLs.

    Look forward to hearing more about your plans.

  5. .... and there was me thinking that the two sides of a coin are heads and tails.

    Our long walk plan is the furthest east to the furthest west of the UK mainland; hopefully, leading straight in to the TGOC.

    We keep our fingers crossed for good news on our TGOC application.

  6. Mick - I never gave much thought, other than a quick glance at a road map when I decided that Lowestoft was furthest east. I've just had a bit of a trawl through various websites and I see there is some debate about this, but I think the evidence confirms Lowestoft.