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Monday, 3 December 2018

Photoshop painting - shooting butt

4th December 2018

After a long period I have embarked on a new Photoshop painting. The subject is a grouse shooting butt. I really don't know why I was motivated by this subject in view of my antipathy to the associated "sport." All I can say is that the melange of moorland colours, and especially flowering heather do something for my soul.

This painting is based, loosely on the photo below. I am using Photoshop Elements 15. I start with the photo itself then put s blank white layer on top. I then reduce the opacity so that I can see the original photo below enabling me to sketch the basic outlines. I then bring back to opaque and continue to paint. Most of the sketch lines eventually disappear.

Further progress will be shown if I feel reasonably satisfied with my efforts.

Oiginal photo

Here you can see the original sketch lines and just few washes of colour thrown in to get me started.
This is a skilful business, but perfect for amateurs because mistakes can easily be taken out and redone, and the scope of techniques in Elements 15 is endless.


  1. It looks a masterpiece already - don't spoil it.

  2. Not sure about that empty butt, but it could be a metaphor for other emptinesses - or maybe you could employ your photoshop skills to populate it with choice renditions of your favourite H, S & F types - or, of course, seeing that we are still in 2018, sprawling Boche machine gunners after a dashing raid by those whom one of my MP friends described as the 'Agile and Insufferables' !

  3. BC - I suspect that is tongue in cheek but nevertheless it has given me an idea.


    gimmer - you too have planted a seed for a future project.