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Thursday, 27 December 2018

Top present

My RED Present

From time to time I have expressed my distaste for football here. I don't like the ethos of cheating with pretend dives, arguing with referees, deliberate debilitating tackles including kicking players who are down, commentators who support the ethos of cheating, and I could go on, but...

...just one other moan. Almost all managers have followed the example of Alex Ferguson showing a totally miserable countenance during interviews, along with the revolting spectacle of chewing huge wads of gum.

Without  all that I don't deny that this would be a fine game to watch.

There has now been an erosion of taciturnity from managers instigated by the arrival of Jurgen, and especially since he is now showing some success, prompting other managers to copy their more successful contemporary once again - have you noticed them becoming slightly more affable?

I have declared some of my approval of Jurgen to my son Will who has jokingly suggested I might after all be a closet football supporter.

The result of all this was my Liverpool dressing gown present from Will.  I have to say it is made of the warmest, softest fleece ever and a sheer delight to wear - I am still sat here typing this at 3:30 pm the day after Boxing Day, and chances are it will remain my mode of dress until bedtime.


  1. I expect you to be wearing it for our walk tomorrow.
    And in the red corner...

  2. I BC - I certainly would have worn it bur for the possibility of enraging bulls - I''m sure you will approve of that precaution.

  3. You look very sharp in red; suits you. Happy New Year!

  4. Hi Martha - Sorry for the delay in a response - been bit busy with the time of year with visits and visitors and walks. Red is Katie's favourite colour - mine is blue, but don't let's go down that road - there is another national football team with the nickname of "The blues."