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Sunday, 29 March 2020

Circular from home

Sunday 29th March 2020

I'm developing a routine, at least at the start of the day:

Breakfast - read news on computer and answer and make comments on the blog.

March up and down my stairs ten times.

Go out for a local walk.

Today I think I have established what may be a regular route from home. I decided to take photos to show an almost continuous record - it is perhaps a bit boring, but for my readers from other countries (yes I do have some) this will give a good idea of my locale. The walk is one and a half miles and today, including stops for photos took me thirty five minutes.

Worth clicking first photo to see slideshow after reading captions

Round the corner from my house, Silverdale Road just out of sight at top

Left into Silverdale Road. My nearest post box on left under shadow of hedge

Silverdale Road.
Cemetery and chapel on left beyond car.
Right turn into Red Hill Woods opposite cemetery

Cemetery and chapel.
Latter is used for parish council meetings and other occasional events

Right turn off road opposite chapel into Red Hill Woods

Red Hill Woods - Arnside Knott way up to the left

Halfway along track in woods - no need to use bench today

Emerging from woods onto High Knott Road - distant Lake District hills in view

High Knott Road. Elevated above Arnside with a line of grand old houses on left

Arnside railway viaduct - on the way to Grange-over-Sands

I've walked High Knott Road perhaps hundreds of times at all days of the week and times of day but never seen so many cars parked opposite the large houses

Descending from High Knott Rd to Red Hills Road

Red Hills Road.
Junction in distance with Silverdale Road and my convenience store opposite
My convenience store - Silverdale Road

Looking up Silverdale Road. Dentist on right, playing field etc. on left

Children's playground, cricket and football pitches, bowling club and tennis courts

Left off Silverdale Road onto top of Briery Bank. Telephone exchange on left

After a few hundred yards on Briery Bank I have now turned right into Hollins Lane and a steep little climb back to home

My neighbour flying the Union Jack and the Westmorland flag.
Westmorland as a county was merged with Cumbria for "administrative" purposes in 1974 - I am sure my friend and commenter Gimmer will have something to say about that. Many, including Gimmer, lament the redaction of the name of this historic region which had, and still has its own special identity.


  1. I find your images and commentary comforting for some reason, probably because I find the villages and countryside peaceful and calming. I will return to take your walk several times; thank you for posting these pictures.

  2. Knowing your area that is a great little circuit in the circumstances.

  3. The Crow - Hi Martha - I was hoping my prompt about friends from abroad would bring you in, good to hear from you, and aa always your appreciation of things that matter (in my opinion anyway) shines through.


    BC - Not you, but I tend to, dare I say, underestimate my own locale a little, or take it a bit for granted after living here for over twenty years. However, because I had formulated this idea before setting off it concentrated my mind and I was pleasantly surprised with the result.

  4. This is brilliant Conrad, and I'm sure you had hours of pleasure in photoshoping out all the people!

  5. Phreerunner - Funny you shuld say that. I went later today and crossed paths with quite a few more. Can I motivate myself for an esrlier start tomorrow?

  6. It's a curious thought that if we hadn't chanced to bump into you in a field (protected by an awful set of stiles!) in Somerset, then none of those scenes would have been familiar to me. However, because of that encounter I've now spent enough time around Arnside that I recognised the places captured in many of them.

  7. Gayle - Serendipity rules!

    Regarding your comment on Wild Boar Fell I thought you must have been mistaken until I checked back myslef and found out that was as you say only trwo weeks ago.