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Saturday, 5 March 2022

Arnside Knott after Storm Franklin (21/2/22)

 Friday 4th March 2022

Just a quick trip over Armside Knott to view  the results of Storm Franklin from a few days ago. At the entrance to Redhills Wood opposite the cemetery there was a fair amount of devastation but not much elsewhere until I followed the link path  to High Knott Road on my return where there was more evidence of storm damage again, so it seems the northern slopes of the Knott bore the brunt.

Arnside Cemetery and the chapel used for parish council meetings, and...

...just across the road, entrance to Red Hills Wood and the Knott. It twas around here where most of the storm damage was seen

Across the bay to the Lake District hills. Arnside railway viaduct crossing at right end of photo

I took this and some others to demonstrate path development. This one leads up to the trig point on the Knott and was almost non-existent when I first came to Arnside 22 years ago. Then it was just a faint trace through the grass.

I've either forgotten about or never noticed this plaque on the trig. We have three walking groups in Arnside: The Ramblers, The Scramblers, and the Amblers. I am not enthusiastic about regular participation in walking groups and in any case, when I first came to Arnside accompanied by my springer, Barney I was told dogs were mot permitted, so I never bothered.

Another path (and below) that didn't exist when I first came here


  1. We have lost millions of trees in all the recent storms.

  2. I heard lots about Storm Eunice, but very little about Franklyn. I'm not sure whether that's a reflection as to severity, which areas of the country were affected or the fact that I was low on mobile data at the time so wasn't reading much stuff on t'interweb at the time.

  3. Gayle - Here is a link giving some of the info - the longest link I can remember seeing, however, one of the worst affected areas was Ironbridge, a much familiar meeting of the ways for various backpacking exploits including the photo of me munching a pork pie on the home page of my blog.: