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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Welsh Walk - Aberporth to Aberaeron

Saturday 23rd April - day 4

Big sea fret most of day but clearing to glorious sunshine on arrival. The first site wanted to charge me £22, but had the good grace to tell me about 200 yards further up the road. Here there was one cancellation vacancy and the proprietor agreed to reduce his £14 charge to £10 when I told him what I was doing. The site is laid out like horseshoe and I am at the end - I guess it is a quarter of a mile to the toilet block.
During the walk I have seen much evidence of badgers where they have dug massive holes with huge spoil heaps, often largely of stone; they must be incredibly strong. Perhaps you should hire one Pete for putting all those plants into your stony garden.
I have been wearing shorts (zip offs zipped off) and so far have only sustained one nettle sting.
Yesterday I walked through the yard of Swallow Boats. Dan if you are reading this it is worth Googling, they do boats in glass and wood and appear to have very attractive lines.
Off to the pub now for some grub.


Gayle said...

I sustained one nettle sting today too, but being on my finger, I have to blame that on stupidity! Glad to see the delay in the first 3 posts was just a signal issue - I was afraid there was a bigger technical issue that would prevent us from following your progress.

John Proud said...

Just realised you've started your Welsh walk - great weather for you.
I've just returned from a beautiful dry and warm crossing of the North Downs.
Will be following your progress - best of luck.

Barrett Bonden said...

Plenty of evidence of badgers near here too: alas, mostly in the gutters.