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Monday, 11 April 2011

Fife coastal walk - finale

Comments on the last post are answered on that post.
The walk was finished yesterday (Saturday) at 12:30.
I am typing this at home instead of using the fiddly iPhone. I still find accurate letter selection difficult and have to make many corrections. I enjoy correcting composition, and trying to achieve conciseness, but correcting typos is tedious and too time consuming at the end of a good day’s walking, so apologies for the many uncorrected bits in those posts.
The section from Leuchars was largely through mixed forest with hints of the sea to the right, and a glorious day of sunshine and blue skies. The scenery along the south coast of The Firth of Tay looking across to Dundee was notable - there were two enormous oil rigs moored there. There was no indication of the finishing point in Newport on Tay which is described on the website I was working from as The Pier Buildings which I found. A local shopkeeper said “well that’s Newport for you”. Some walkers I spoke to said they thought the walk has been extended a few miles further down the Tay  and the finishing point may therefore have been relocated.
It took eight hours to get home. A bus from Newport on Tay to Dundee. Rail from Dundee to Glasgow where I had to change stations by bus. Train from Glasgow to Carlisle. Bus (because of rail engineering works) from Carlisle to Oxenholme where my daughter met me with car.
Here are some photos to give a flavour of the walk. I find it difficult to remember to take photos on the iPhone, and the ones I did take are too dark to use - they could be improved using Photoshop, but not out in the field.
Forth Bridge

Two of the eight chains on The Chain Walk

£125 a round on this Cambo Links golf course

I might still have been there!

The Tay Road Bridge
Posted at midnight after watching the outcome of The Masters.


  1. Very good, Conrad, I enjoyed that little trip. I'd noticed the spelling problem, and I encounter the same difficulty with my Blackberry. It is easily remedied by a spell check, though, so you don't need to bother as you type - just spend a few seconds with the spell checker when you've finished!

  2. Phee. -Thanks for your comment. I am getting better at typing, and I do use the spellchecker, but it seems to incorporate a woefully inadequate intuitive system for guessing what word you were trying for, often with bizarre results.

    I have just discovered two new apps: Photoshop Express and Sites UK. Photoshop enables photograph enhancement including exposure, cropping, framing and many other features. Sites UK will locate camping/caravan sites by post code, town, or within a specified radius of your current location I am looking forward to trying these out on my circuit of Wales starting next Wednesday.