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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Welsh Walk- south of Macynlleth to south of Tywyn

Tuesday 26th April - day 7
Last night's site was Morben Isaf situated next to the Osprey watching site where I called in and saw live tv pictures of the Osprey on it's nest. The site was of the highest quality (better than Caravan Club) as I mentioned in yesterday's post. This morning I was brought tea and toast and marmalade by the friendly people in the nearby caravan.
Yesterday in Borth huge stones had been brought in barges across the North Sea from Norway and they were building huge sea defences. I was told that this was cheaper than using stone from the UK and paying for it's transport by road or rail.
Yesterday I went into The Wildfowlers Arms (can't remember the village), this was a food pub, but I was told they don't do sandwiches- so much for the traditional hostelry providing for the weary traveller.
Today I have travelled back along the northern shores of the Dovey Estuary after the long trek inland to cross the bridge at Machynlleth. The views were superb.
I am now on one of the worst camping/caravan sites I have ever seen. Everything is run down, seedy, strangely quiet and abandoned. I must remember to take some photos.

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  1. I'm verily impressed by your current record of being given unsolicited cups of tea/chocolate/cakes/toast. Wish that happened to us more often!