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Friday, 15 April 2011

Photoshop Express app for iPhone

Just in case anybody missed my comment on the last post here is a bit more about the new app I have found called Photoshop Express. This app has many attributes but the feature that interests me is photo enhancement. Photos I have taken so far on the iPhone are more than often so underexposed as to be unusable. Here are two before and after examples where I have also used the crop facility.

Don't forget you should be able to view enlarged versions of the photos by clicking on them.

If anybody reading my blog is also following Mick and Gayle on their Lowestoft to Ardnamurchan trek here is a pic of The Eildon Hills they have just referred to which I walked between on my LEJOG walk.


  1. That sounds a useful app Sir Hugh.

    I notice your mobile network is Vodafone but when, some time ago, I checked which networks Blogger supported only Orange and O2 were shown.

    Did you have any difficulties setting up Blogger with Vodafone? I'm considering 'mobile blogging' so any information you can give will be much appreciated since Vodafone generally has better coverage in the Highlands than Orange.

    Sorry to ask this on on your comments page, but I appear to have lost your email address.

  2. Afoot - I have a shortcut on my iPhone to my blog and the same to Blogger Dashboard so providing I have a signal I can post in the normal way. You can also set up an email address for your blog, so if there is no signal you can write a post in email and it will go to your blog when it gets a signal. There is nothing difficult about setting these things up. If you want help give me a call. There are also some apps for posting blogs one of which is BlogPress which has had dire warnings published on the Internet about potentially illegal activity which was enough to put me off. Another is called Shozu, but I don't know much about that one, suffice to say I don' think they are necessary. By the way my email address is shown on my blog - it is:, please feel free to email any time. I am off on my circuit of Wales walk on Wednesday so communicatio will not be quite so fluid, buy I will receive emails, text messages and blog comments.