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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Welsh Walk - Abaraeron to Glan y Mor

Sunday 25th April - day 5
I ate in The Harbourmaster Inn on the harbour side in Aberaeron last night. I had excellent fish and chips. The place was heaving but had a good atmosphere and incredibly efficient service considering the crowds.
Today has been another scorcher starting out flat and then plenty of ups and downs. A large part was on sloping hillside where the path was not cut out so one's feet and ankles were twisted making for very uncomfortable walking.

From the start there have been many of the triangular swing gate constructions as well as stiles. The triangular shape is supposed to accommodate your rucksack but often it doesn't. At that point you have to climb up the fencing rails until your rucksack is above the height of the structure. Some of these gates have lower rails and the rucksack passes over the top - I am not sure but I think these are on National Trust properties - good thinking.
My site tonight is a couple of kilometers north of Aberystwyth and it is a huge leisure complex. The warden was very helpful and let me stay for free. He also found me a gas cylinder in his shop which he let me have at cost price, and then found me the best pitch on the site overlooking the sea. Some friendly caravaners next door to me are charging up my Mili charger, the sun is shining and all is well. I promised a mention of this site: Sunbourne Leisure at Glan y Mor - highly recommended from my experience.
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  1. I encountered one of those too-small kissing gates yesterday (too small, even though I had only a day-pack on). I was just starting to clamber when I noticed that there was no fence one side of the gate and that I could just walk around. I would have felt even sillier if I'd noticed that after I'd clambered through the gate!

  2. is this implying that the new lightweight boots are not providing the usual or necessary ankle support - or would normal walking boots have been as bad?

  3. Dear Sir.
    Great to hear you mention Sunbourne on such a positive note! I would be much appreciative if you could ad a link pointing towards if possible.
    Kind Regards,

    Tove Granath