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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Welsh Walk - North of Aberystwyth to just south of Machynlleth

More up and down to start with. On reflection the walk so far has been more akin to mountain walking and quite strenuous. Eventually, after Borth things flattened out and there was a long stretch following the river out of Borth with reeds and the sound of reed warblers on one side and various kinds of croaking geese on the water - one pair followed me for a few hundred yards honking and croaking all the way. I have had some sections on the very busy A487 (possibly Easter traffic), but on two parts I was able to use footpaths over the hills above the road with terrific views of the Dovey estuary. Passing a house on the busy road I was invited in for tea, a Wagon Wheel, and a look at the Great Western one inch to one foot model locomotive the chap was building. His workshop was immaculate and full of all kinds of precision engineering machines, stocks of bar rod and sheet metals of various kinds and nuts and bolts of every denomination all carefully labelled in used Gold Block tobacco tins. Apparently that is what he smokes in his pipe. There is much more I could tell about this pleasing interlude, but suffice to say they were very kind and interesting people, and for Pete and Liz they had a garden to die for with variousf ingenious additions from the engineering inventor husband.
On arrival at this immaculate camp site I was given a cup of tea and escorted to a favourable pitch and given a garden chair to use - this lady proprietor seemed to fully understand the needs of weary back packers. No sooner than all this had taken place, and whilst I was putting up the tent my friendly caravan neighbour brought me a huge piece of chocolate cake and cream. I seem to have hit a lucky streak.

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