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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

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There has been nowhere to camp so far and I can see this becoming expensive with the added burden of carrying all the camping stuff. So much for the experienced randonneur.

I am now trying to view this as a holiday without importance attached to completing something that gets ticked off, but logistics prevent short day walks - you just have to fall in with getting yourself to places where there is any kind of accommodation., which means walking only 10km or 25km.
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Phreerunner said...

Just to let you know, Conrad, I've just spent a happy hour going through your entertaining postings from the past few weeks. It would be too time consuming to comment on each one, but I did enjoy them, especially the more humorous moments and your luck at the Premier Inn.

I also had one of those Good Companion tents, my first tent, but it didn't wear well and was eventually binned in favour of a Vango Mk4. The GC was also a bit leaky and as we usually had three people in it we never really worked out how to sleep around the central pole!

afootinthehills said...

Given the temperatures, would walking only 10km a day be such a bad thing given that you say you're not attaching importance to completing the walk Conrad? I expected you to be enjoying good food and drink at lovely cafes by the canal, which just shows how much I know.

Phreerunner said...

Just going back to your GC posting - I think mine was an older one with a single upright pole and no sewn in groundsheet.

Sir Hugh said...

Phreerunner - I seem to remember committing myself to the extra cost of the ground sheet and A pole was agonising, but worth it beyond measure in the end.


Afoot. - yes, that is what I have decided to do, but it is not always possible when the 12 miles lands you in the middle of nowhere, and I don't fancy carrying enough water for a wild camp just on the off chance.