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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Canal du Midi - day 4

It had rained during the night and looked threatening when I descended for breakfast and had some good chat with le patron. Just as I was geared up to go heavy rain started. Le patron bid me stay and offered me a free coffee while I waited - there we go again Gayle.

Suddenly the canal seemed to have taken on an unexplainable more friendly ambience. Slight rain continued and the humidity was overpowering. In the end I put my waterproof away which kept my shirt less wet than the composting action that had been created.

Around midday the skies blackened and I was just able to get to the next écluse (lock) where there was the second place so far on the trip to indulge. I had coffee and tarte-citrine joined by some cyclists, outside, but under the sun shade, whilst a thunderstorm raged.

On the way again blue sky and hot sun appeared. The walking was pleasant and just bearable in the heat, but I find myself stopping for rests much more frequently than in the UK. The guy at the café had given me details of an auberge at Bram, but much nearer the canal than going into the town. That was good info. and I arrived here about 2:30. I've got a basic room about thirty yards from the main building, but it has a super little sunny balcony, so I have done a fair bit of laundry. This is a relais catering for lorry drivers and the like and breakfast is served from 5:30 am ! I'm hoping for some of that good basic French food tonight - we'll see.

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AlanR said...

I think its pity they are offering not free coffee! ha.

High Horse said...

Well, it's raining here too!

Sir Hugh said...

Alan r - thanks for your various comments - always very welcome.


HH - yes I csn see from my Meteo app. It still shows all the other locations I have put in, and I was pleasantly surprised to find it works here in France picking up my present location.