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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Canal du Midi - Day 10

At The Neptune they understood my reasons for an early start and I was breakfasted and away for 7:30.

There were bigger and better ex-barge boats moored up and down, used mainly as houseboats. Very few private boats seem to use the canal which had more than its usual quota of hire boats today.

I met a cyclist and had the best exchange of French conversation so far in terms of understanding, and being understood, then he found out I was English, and he turned out to be Spanish.

There was nowhere to buy food at all. I had some biscuits and a plum that had survived well from home - those supermarket plums never ripen properly, BUT I also had a tomato. I bought that a couple of days back at a little écluse (lock) stall - nearly as big as an apple, but with some brown markings so misguidedly rejectable by UK supermarkets, but the taste and juiciness was on the verge of overwhelming.

My destination is Capestang and I am sat here booked in at a relais - off for more food now.

Where another canal branches off to Narbonne

A very sad sight. Dead plain trees being cut down because of disease

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Anonymous said...

Conrad, pleased to read your walk going well and you are obviously enjoying France in all its hues. My previous comment regarding the 'Brits' in France doesn't seem to have arrived, which is perhaps just as well.
Profiter de la promenade!

Anonymous said...

Love the house boats. The canal seems much wider than Is normal in England. What a shame about the trees.

Roderick Robinson said...

There was a longish article about the dead trees in The Guardian this week. Apparently this phenomenon goes on and on.

Our next year's villa is already booked. At Capestang.

Sir Hugh said...

BC - just catching up with posts in hotel in Béziers. Flight tomorrow. It just seems to get hotter, went for a wander in town but soon came back.


Coastal Walker - quite a lot of the trees still remain, but not for long. Without them, at this time of year I don't think this walk would have been possible.


RR - Capestang look a good choice. Very boaty on the canal.