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Sunday, 20 August 2017

Berwick 2 - finish

Walked from Settle to Hellifield today. The other knee is playing up and I have foot problems making for no enjoyment, so on train home. Further report to follow after I get home.

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gimmer said...

how grievously disappointed you must be - but discretion is truly the better part of valour

you had had to do over-long days, in my humble opinion (and it seems of others), which won't have helped either of the issues you mention

so have some rest and easy strolls and give things time - think how much you have achieved since you said no to the other knee op - very impressive

afootinthehills said...

Terribly disappointing for you Conrad but wise words from gimmer. You have achieved so much and Lynne and I often say how much we admire your optimism and motivation. Mileages did seem on the high side though - but I wouldn't have dared to say so...

John J said...

What a disappointment. Perhaps a couple of days of rest will sort the problem and you can continue - I do hope so.
As others have said, you did seem to be pushing the daily mileage!
Best wishes.

AlanR said...

Sorry to read of your latest setback. We hope you recover quickly and get back out there on the trail.

Sir Hugh said...

All - Thanks for your comments and my reply to all is summed up in my latest post "Berwick summary"