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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Berwick Part 2 - slideshow

Here is a Dropbox link to a slideshow with captions of my walk from Weardale to Hellifield.

I have been disappointed with the Panasonic TZ 60. All my photos seem to lack sharpness. On this walk the weather was often dull, and damp and wet which will have some bearing. Most of these photos have been enhanced using Photoshop Elements.

At £200 the Panasonic was not cheap, but how much more do you have to pay to get better results?

CLICK HERE.        click on first thumbnail then go to "Full Screen" at bottom


  1. Thanks for sharing these photos! Especially good to see pictures of Settle as we were there last month and loved it so much we will be back next September

  2. Jes Cooban - Thanks for your comment and welcome to my blog.

  3. Hi Conrad. From the images it looks like you had great weather, but it shows how images can be deceptive at times. I have seen some images taken on a Sony Dsc rx100, A friend of mine paid £299 and both myself and the owner are impressed with the quality. I had the Panasonic tz40 and wasn't that impressed so I got rid. I fancy getting the Sony rx100 m3 but it's a touch outside my price range I might have to settle for the rx100.
    You could always do a part exchange deal at somewhere like London camera exchange if you are inclined.

  4. there is a fairly new digital leica - the leica T with iPhone-like operating system - available for only about 1500 (plus another 1500 for a very limited scope zoom lens - a decent zoom costs more than i dare mention) - perhaps that puts the TZ60 in its place
    i have been quite satisfied with my TZ60 for many shots but don't like its controls and settings very much

  5. Conrad

    It's a pity you're not happy with the TZ 60's results. Lynne uses an early TZ model and the photos are just fine. £200 isn't cheap.

  6. AlanR - I've had the rx100 for a a few years now and it is a good camera but not so much in poor light. I think the m3 is reputedly much better but it wasn't available when I bought mine. That said, I mostly use ithe rx100 on intelligent mode so I'm not getting the best from it.

  7. needlesshaste - for the second time, welcome to my blog. Thanks for your input re the cameras. I think the Leicas are a bit out of my price range. Their reputation is legendary, but I reckon the price is somewhat inflated because of that, or perhaps I'm just cynical.

  8. I enjoyed your photos Conrad.
    I have the TZ40, which, in good light is very good. It struggles in poor light, as the focus goes to pot.

  9. Alan S. - I sometimes wonder if we expect too much from "poor light" which produces disappointing views in real life, and perhaps the camera is just showing things as they really are, leaving us to expect more. I must admit to using the "brightness" function in Photoshop elements on some of those photos.