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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Berwick 2, 4

Friday 18th August - Gunnerside to Raisgill - Langstrothdale

Brief report here. I'm getting behind with my chores: washing, blogging, booking ahead.
Weather showers quite hard every fifteen minutes, sunshine in between. Huge climb out of Wensleydale. Violent winds. Blew rain hood off rucksack twice. Views and Dales ambience superb. Descent near Askrigg, rocky tracks. Difficult path round farm: obscure descent to stream in gorge through nettles. Arrived Hawes, café, all going well. Disastrous ascent of weather fell. Lost path. Had to climb wall, must have taken me ten minutes, then flogging through rough terrain. Arrival at old Roman road saw me behind schedule. Phoned B and B to say late. They had booked meal at George at Hubberholme. At Beckermonds I tried to ring to get them to come and collect me, but no signal. Got within about a Kilometre and Hazel arrived by car to collect me and lift to George just before cut off time.

Back at Raisgill had very good wide ranging conversation with Hazel. Raisgill is a beautifully refurbished farm house and food, lots home cooked was fabulous. A really top notch B and B.

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  1. You won't believe this.
    Whilst you were in the George, Hubberthwaite, Friday evening I was in a local restaurant with a couple who have moved here in the last year or so. Our conversations roamed widely until it was mentioned she volunteered at Gawthorpe Hall, I alluded to the Bronte Way and how I hoped to walk it this winter with a friend of mine, adding the name Conrad. "We may know him" was their response. Do the names Martin and Norma Thorpe mean anything to you? I've had the full lowdown.
    On your return maybe a meet up should be arranged if you feel that is appropriate.
    This is just between you and I. Oops...
    Where are you tonight, Saturday?