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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Berwick 2, day 2

16th August - Westgate to Cotherstone

Lands Farm was an excellent b and and Mrs Reed was a hero looking after me when her husband had had a terrible accident the day before. They went to see him last night and it looks like it's going to be a long road for recovery - I'm so sorry for them.

I had a long road slog to climb out of Weardale up to Swinehope Head compensated for by magnificent views.

The footpath from there over the moors down to Brownlees was non-existent despite gps telling me I was on it. It was rough tussocky grass all the way and hard going.

I had a welcome pot of tea and a scone at the Brownlees visitor centre. From there I diverted from my gpx route and walked pleasantly down the other side of the River Tees. That really is something of a river with hurrying wild brown water and white foam - I'm not sure what the bedrock is.

Walking up the road south of Middleton-in-Teesdale I suddenly recognised the entrance to the camp site where daughter High Horse brought her Palace tent to give me couple of night's comfort on my LEJOG walk.  Further on I deviated again picking up the old railway track to Romaldskirk, and then again to Cotherstone. It is a good attribute of planning your own route - you don't have to stick to it!

I reckon I'd done about 18 miles with a nine and three quarter hour day.

Cotherstone Cottage is an Air b an b and Rachel and Graham couldn't have made me more welcome including provision of a meal - home made Cottage Pie, and veg including delicious cabbage from the allotment. That was finished off with home made gooseberry crumble and cream. Excellent. I am now sat in a very comfortable sitting room ( for my use only) but will now have to back upstairs to try and some photos to this post.


The long haul up out of Weardale- bu splendid views

Crossing the Tees at Brownlees


  1. That's a goodly stretch for day one - your training walks have obviously been worthwhile - meanwhile I have been (i.e. was) sitting at an office desk or lab stool all day: you made the best choice !

  2. That's good going, Conrad.

    Steady, Sir. Let's not frighten the horses too early on!

  3. Alan R and Gimmer - distance to travel is usually dictated by available accommodation, especially in remote areas..

  4. A good start Conrad.
    Weardale seems to be a bit of a black spot of bad luck.
    Glad you are enjoying Teesdale where my love of wandering was nurtured as a young lad.

  5. Excellent Conrad. I can tell you're in good form in every sense. Keep the photographs coming.

  6. Bowlandclimber - yes, that nought went throught went through my mind too. But it is an attractive dale, and from my experience the people are great, helping each other as well as foolish fell walkers.

    Afoot - Blogger seems to be the only way I can include photos but when I look on my iPad they are all chopped unless you click to enlarge.-