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Saturday, 17 March 2018

Bannisdale Horseshoe parking

This post mainly for Afoot in the Hills. (Gibson), or others wanting to walk around Bannsidale. 

I suggest using the start detailed below rather than Wainwright's suggestion.

After braving the tortuous single track road to Dryhowe Bridge one is now confronted with piles of road-stone hindering parking, which had not been the case when I was there before with Bowland Climber. The Bannisdale horseshoe was our excellent grand finale to our campaign to climb all Wainwright's Outlying Fells - CLICK

On my more recent visit to walk up the Bannisdale track CLICK - I gave in and drove to an alternative start wasting time and increasing my walking distance.

I later found that if I had driven another fifty yards or so down a little hill and through a gate I could have parked on the service road leading up Bannisdale.

See maps beleow.

That south/north bit of route at the bottom is Wainwright's start but I suggest drive to Dryhowe Bridge.
The red markers are W's Outlying Fells on the route.


  1. Thanks very much for doing this Conrad. Your description of the single track road confirms my worst fears - we will have to bring the car as well as the motorcaravan in July. I'm sure the motorcaravan would negotiate the road OK but parking might be problematic.

    It does look a lovely route.

  2. afoot - yes, it was a fitting finale to our Outlying campaign.