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Saturday, 3 March 2018

Knee 2 progress?

3rd March 2018 - wrting this post - so 3 months after Knee 2 op.

This post is mainly written for my own good to knock some sense into myself arising from frustration at what I perceive as slow recovery from my second knee replacement operation, and, to convince myself that all is not relatively doom and gloom it has to be somewhat detailed. Having analysed the stuff below I  summarise:  I was not doing proper backpacking again until 12 months after the op.

Until I embarked on this exercise all that was a dim memory, and I had the notion that it had been shorter than that. Having said all this I estimate that current progress is probably better than it was for Knee 1, so maybe a bit less than 9 months to go? OK, I know some will say that advancing age should be factored in and it will eventually detract from any such ambitions - we will see.  Patience, patience, patience.


29th November 2017 - my second knee replacement (right knee) operation. 

Walks done in 3 months since op:


Progress of Knee 1 replacement for comparison.

4th May 2012 - First knee op.

I had been dong similar walks to the table above, but the first lengthy walk was:

19th December 2012  - i.e. 7 months after op. Walk up Tebay Borrowdale and back - 10 miles.

From blog post:

"Yesterday, in pursuance of flat walking, in consideration of my recovering knee, I walked from the A6 through to the M6 end and back, a distance just short of ten miles. That was further than I have walked since the op, and my inclusive speed was 2.8mph so the knee was painful by the end, and I was overwhelmingly tired that evening, but it had been a more than worthwhile trip re-acquainting myself with an all time favourite venue.”

December 2012 to April 2013 (4 months) - regular, day walking until:

April 2013 - 11 months after op - 16 days with caravan climbing all Marilyns in south of England, so first sustained proper return to walking.

June 2013 -12 months after op - first proper backpacking - South East Coast - Lowestoft to Clacton - 7 days


 Cheshire Ring - 8 days backpacking.


Re previous post: "Biscuits and sledging - 28th February.

I had a sad email from gimmer bringing me up to date on Margaret Forster the author of Carr's biography and wife of Hunter Davies.

"Did you know she died in 2016 ? Hunter Davies sold their house in the Lorton Vale as he could not bear her absence from that house which they shared almost ‘alone’ in the spring/summer months for 30 years - easy to understand 

He wrote an intense article about the sale and the leaving which is the one thing of his I’ve read which I found both utterly moving and sincere."


  1. So: our walk up the Kent on Dec 11th that year on a lovely sunny frosty day from Burneside to Staveley and back by a winding route and near-death experience at Bowston was not proper walk ? - it was for me - and the shared pie at the turning back was declared by you as making the whole thing 'a proper expedition' ! Obviously I must revise my memoirs.

  2. Gimmer - sorry about that. , and yes it ceraunly qualified. I was going from memory for that intervening period and didn’t comb my blog fir more qualifying walks, and just relied on that Borrowdale one as being the most likely and earliest qualifier . There may have been others and if so apologies to anybody else I may. have offended with such omission.

  3. Isn't there something else rather than simply dwelling on non-walking? Can't you make something, preferably decorative and non-functional, so that the journey is more important than the destination? Something like one of those tables that great-grandfather made where the detail absorbs you and there are new techniques to be learned?

  4. Gimmer - I've just looked back at that walk and it came in at just over 5 miles. You will note the title of the Bprrowdale walk was Three Miles Too Far, so I was using that to demonstrate the effect on the knee of a longer walk and the result is in that title. I have not researched all the walks in the intervening period but I reckon that was the first longish one. All that is not to detract from the quality of the River Kent walk, the quality included splendid scenery, good weather, interesting conversation, artefacts to muse upon, an excellent food/drink stop, and an exciting incident - what more could you ask?

    I was amused to see that I had cribbed Pirandello for my title which you used again recently in an email to me.

    If you want to read my version again here is the link.

  5. RR - I have a virtual idea, but not sure how it would turn out, but will get to work on it.

  6. my comment was, of course, in jest -
    but I was amused that what to me was a nice, pretty, walk, after a very long absence, full of memories and incident, had been seamlessly absorbed into your overflowing quiver of such strolls . . .
    had a short but gruelling expedition yesterday to get milk and bread - all lanes and roads impassable so took to the fields to Appleby : amazing how heavy a full alpine trek/backpack sack can be when uphill against the storm and through 'nearly hard enough to stand on, but which then goes in up to thigh deep, snow' !

  7. RR - For me to make something as you suggest it would have to be something that inspired me to start with, or something that somebody else asked me to make for them which would give me satisfaction for the sake of the giving. Another problem is space and congenial surroundings; my garage is too encumbered and far too cold, or expensive to heat at the moment. Perhaps I should learn how to do enamelling and make a priceless snuff box or whatever?