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Friday, 9 March 2018

Derby Arms* - Witherslack

Thursday 8th March - Thursday walk with Pete

If you want flat walking on Tarmac not far from my home you can't get much flatter than this. Our route followed the old A590* running below the Whitbarrow limestone cliffs, alongside the modern road, but with attractive scenery, and almost no traffic. Our start is at the Derby Arms* pub at Witherslack just off the modern A590* - a pub I would recommend for pretty good food.

We both felt we had walked a bit further than our recent outings, and when I measured up back home I found we had done 4.5 miles at an average speed of 2 mph. That may nor seem much by keen walker's standards but the speed and distance, and my own relatively fresh feeling at the end denote gradual improvement for me, and Pete also seemed to be going well.

*NB - corrections made to pub name and road number


Spring has a way to go yet...

...although this is a good sign

Hopeful entry for architecture of the year prize.
How do they get away with it?


  1. I'm wondering what correction you made to the pub's name? Spelling?
    4.5 miles is pretty good going for both of you, that is meant as a compliment not a put down.

  2. BC - I had christened the pub the Bay Horse and also mistaken the A590 for the A65. The errors were pointed out by my friend Gimmer. I obviously need to get out more."

  3. Another great area for a walk. I guess you might have a view of Whitbarrow from home? When I lived in Arnside I did and, as a consequence I think, used to head that way for a walk more often than I do now. There's a really curious little 'honesty box' cafe at nearby Beck Head which you could investigate without leaving level going, although it's not really competition for the Derby Arms.

  4. beating the bounds - Hi Mark. I often did a six mile run round Whirbarrow driving up there from Preston over 18 years ago before I moved to Arnside. I hav run, walked, photographed and blogged Whitbarrow many times ever since - one of my all time favourite venues. I am well acquainted with the little café. There is a fairly challenging path that I discovered which is another favourite. If you go up to the base of the climbing crag and follow the base of the crag south a little path climbs steeply through the trees - it is a bit overgrown and eventually you double back to the left (easy to miss) even more overgrown, and come out at a fence and stile - you then follow your nose (a good guide book description eh?) and you come out at the wall and stile on the plateau inside the nature reserve near the wall and stile that marks the reserve's boundary.