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Thursday, 8 March 2018

Secret Crag visit

Wednesday 7th March 2018

This post for rock climbing enthusasts.

My post a few days ago mentiond The secret crag

Today I went to investigate. You can see from the map where I left the road onto a footpath that skirts underneath the crag. Cars could be parked on that unfenced road making access easier than Middlefell Buttress.

The central pillar must be at least 30 feet heigh, and most of the rock looks sound and fairly clean. I have little doubt that there could be some interesting routes on here that would be classified as proper climbs rather than bouldering. My days of such activity are over, but I would be interested to hear if anybody has been there, or of any visits that may be made inthe future.

I continued the walk, and round the corner there was another crag nearly on the skyline - see photo. It didn't look as promising from a distance and I settled for a zoom shot but it may be worth a look.


Zoom to the other crag

Seen along the way - where it says Spr where path meets road on map


  1. The little overhang above the recess would be interesting as would the slimy crack to the right. Well, they would have been in the distant past.

  2. All very nice, but you'll never get me up on one of those, thank you very much!


    Good to see you out and about, Conrad!

  3. afoot - Me too, but I still can't help being fascinated by a chunk of rock and eying potential lines.


    Alan S. - You could be expedition photographer instead?