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Friday, 11 May 2018

Kentmere 2

Thursday 10th May 2018 - Thursday walk with Pete

Once past the second bridge over the River Kent our road was peaceful, with varied wild flowers, enviable country residences well spaced, and with interesting gardens and shrubs, and all the time  expansive views up Kentmere. This was all delight and no less so for it being a there and back linear walk.

River Kent at the second bridge


  1. I remember walking up that bit of quiet road on our way to visit Williamson's Monument on Hugill Fell. Lots of walls to climb over and a little 'trespassing' involved.

  2. BC - Yes, I was remembering it also. When I looked at the map I see the monument could be accessed from a track from The Heights - SD 451 998 albeit not on access land and not shown as a public right of way but apparently avoiding wall/fence boundaries, which, where apparent there will be gates.

  3. From what I remember walkers were not welcome anywhere on the hill.

  4. BC - Yes. What's the point of having a monument if nobody can go an see it?

  5. Don't keep us in suspense. Were those two animals engaged in a prelude to rumpy-pumpy?

  6. RR - I am not a voyeur and didn't dally to find out. The photo would have been a non-event without them.

  7. RR- I meant to add that I'm sat here reading the latest Le Carré - A Legacy of Spies and feeling a sort of guilt at the pleasure after Fathers and Sons - Turgenev.