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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Kentmere road walk

Thursday walk with Pete -  3rd May - Kentmere road walk

For the last few months I have been planning Pete walks on level ground in view of his advancing years and rheumatoid arthritis, but we do live in a generally hilly area and I am running out of options. I thought if we got the steep bit out of the way on this walk at the start it could be ok. I was pleasantly surprised to see Pete tackle that with no difficulty, albeit we do walk fairly steadily. All that is a tribute to the  medical treatment Pete receives. But anyway, these walks are as much a social occasion and enjoyable company rather than walking for the sake of it.

Stands well

The walk was in attractive countryside, but as so often views are spoiled by ramshackle grossly untidy farms, more apparent to the eye than this photo suggests.

This was a full zoom from the road into a field. CLICK TO ENLARGE. Pete's knowledge of plants is formidable - he told me what this is but I've forgotten

One for Alan R - looks a bit different (to me)

Long zoom - wood anemone

River Kent bridge north of Staveley - start/finish of walk


  1. My guess, from the photograph and the time of year, is Cuckoo Flower.

  2. Beating the Bounds - As the photo was on full zoom and we were perhaps fifty yards away it is not that good, but I asuspect you will be right.