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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Arnside - Thirteen miles

Monday 25th June - circuit from Arnside

A test to walk a minimum of twelve miles from home.

Objective: to satisfy myself that I can walk twelve miles or so comfortably in a day with a view to resuming my Berwick-upon-Tweed to Castle Carey Walk which was abandoned in April in Weardale after I fell and broke my arm, and again in August when my second knee packed up at Hellifield. 

My diary says I could depart again at the end of July. This time I would try to keep daily distance  to around twelve miles.

The knee is continually improving, and after this walk over mixed terrain with a fair amount of ascent and descent I felt that I could now tackle a multi-day walk, but anyway I will have another month to see further improvement.

This walk measured 13 miles taking 8.25 hours = average speed 1.58 mph. That included three rest/refreshment stops of about ten minutes each, thrashing about in woods off route on two occasions trying to relocate dubious footpaths, a fair amount of navigation because I was on some footpaths near home that I have not previously visited. and I stopped to chat to several people, all of which would likely be part of a normal days backpacking. So that means I could set off around 8:00am and arrive about 4:00pm which would be fine. Also this turned out to be on the hottest day so far this year with temperatures in the high twenties!

The one  thing not factored in was stopping to take photos which was something I didn't bother with being on such familiar territory.

Start/finish, Arnside. Anti-clockwise.
Click to enlarge

Ignore blue route


  1. Well done Conrad, not just the mileage but on such a hot day. As a retired gent i find "looking at my diary" quite funny. It reminds me of "Computer says no" joke. However its all positive and it wont be long before your back on the long trod.
    Ive been catching up on my lack of Knowledge about the Minneapolis Moline tractors. Very interesting reading. I will tell you about it one day. I know you are dying to know.

  2. Alan R - Yes I genuinely would like to know. There is another yellow one a few posts back that you might have missed;

    A Monumental Day - 5th June -

    Please reply on my latest post. Blogger no longer sends me an email when somebody comments and if it is on an old post I am unlikely to see it.

  3. Just popped down to 5th June. Nothing unusual here, just a 2 wheel drive Leland 702. You can just about make the 2 out on the front of the hood (bonnet) built 1979/80. Very similar to the blue wrecked one you photographed recently. Thanks anyway. To be honest I think I have seen this very machine myself.

  4. Alan R - and just when I thought I was recognising unusual ones - will keep trying. You should publish I-Spy Tractors.

  5. Well done Conrad. We'll be back from our imminent trip on 1 August, so if you have any difficult days regarding logistics, I'll be pleased to help.

    Re the comments, if you click on 'Dashboard' or 'Design' at the top of your home page (you have to be signed in to Blogger, which you probably are by default) then click on 'Comments' in the sidebar, you see a list of recent comments.
    For new postings, as soon as I've published and if I remember, I make a dummy comment and tick the 'Email follow-up comments to...' box. Then I immediately delete the dummy comment, so I then receive any comments by email. Not that I get many comments!

  6. That’s great news, after such a run of bad luck. I must confess, 12 miles is my preferred distance, and I’m a few years younger than you!

  7. Phreerunner - Thanks for that Martin. I had forgotten about that 'Comments" facility in Blogger home page so a timely reminder.


    Ruth - Yes, 12 miles gives you more of a chance to absorb points of interest and the like (and tea room sops!)

  8. Looks like a great route that Conrad - you're quite hopeful then for a resumption of your walk - excellent.

  9. Mark - once again I found paths I had not trodden before, especially from the chimney at Crag Foot up to Yealand Conyers

  10. An extra hard test, given the temperature, and I'm happy to see that it all went well. As I'm so fond of following journeys as they happen, I'm looking forward to your resumption. - as, I'm sure, are you.

  11. Gsyle - I agree with you . posts written on the hoof have a sharper feel altogether (in my opinion). Journalist brother RR does not agree - we had an interchange some while ago when I cited Ellen MacArthur's account of her record breaking solo round the world trip - her book was gleaned mainly from email messages or radio messages transmitted at the time, and for me they conveyed a particularly vivd picture.

  12. I'll ask my cousin if she goes about 12 miles. She hikes down the Oregon Coast, only she just does it on her birthday in February, when the weather isn't great. So each year she picks up where she left off.

    What I really want to know, was your mother old and playing jazz riffs? I'm not familiar with "dotting."

  13. Conrad, I just arrived back in Sydney after my LEJOG walk and am delighted to be reading your blog now. Twelve miles sounds a fine daily distance to me. If I were to walk the End to End again, I would definitely take longer overall and walk a max of twelve miles a day. There'd be more time to smell the roses that way! I'm going to enjoy reading about your past adventures. Jules

  14. Jules - Welcome to the blog. I was never sure if my comments on your End to End were not too egotistical probably seeming to detract from your own notable exploits, so thanks for your kind comments here. I was so glad that you completed and I know that it is something that will give you satisfaction when i am sure it wall pass through your mind almost every day.

  15. Vta - your cousin is going to take a long time to walk the Oregon coast at 12 miles once per year?

    I looked at your profile and share your enthusiasm for American jazz - I saw all the main performers when they toured the Uk in the 60s, even your beloved j and K.

    Why you should want to know about my mother is puzzling, however, she did not play jazz, but she did write pretty profound poetry.