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Sunday, 10 June 2018

Emergency phone procedure

I came across this video on The Two Blondes site. I was aware of most of this information and already had my iPhone registered but the video fills in a few things  I was a bit hazy about and which I found interesting, so worth sharing.



  1. Interesting. However, the Braemar MRT say in their book that if a call is transmitted via a carrier other than your own, then if you hang up to preserve your battery for example - not an uncommon occurrence apparently - they can’t call you back. This may have changed since their book was published or may not apply to 112 but it would be worth checking. They were talking about 999.

  2. Afoot - That is interesting and worth bearing in mind. I suspect that 112 may overcome that problem. It sounds from the description in the video that they have tried to cover all eventualities within the limits of the technology.

    1. As far as I can find out, if you make an emergency call using 112 using a carrier other than your own then hang up, the MRT cannot call you back until you have a signal from your own carrier.i