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Saturday, 2 June 2018


I attach importance to replying as promptly as I can to comments. I normally receive an email informing me of each new comment. I have just discovered that Blogger for some unexplained  reason has stopped sending me the emails. First of all I will now reply to outstanding comments before I investigate. Apologies, although not my fault, for my lack of response.


  1. Blogger does seem to be rather unpredictable at times - Google seem to change things without much thought for the likes of you and me.

  2. John J - I have always noticed there is a little box to tick below comments asking for replies to be emailed. Way back I used to tick that box, then found out I still got the emails if I didn't so I stopped. I have now started ticking it again, so I will see if that resolves the problem, In the meantime I will monitor my posts manually for comments and reply accordingly.

  3. I enjoyed your responses, Conrad. Especially so your explanation about CROW.


  4. Having had some abusive / inappropriate comments in the past I now moderate all comments - I (should!) receive an email advising of each comment.

  5. I have the same problem as I explained in my reply to your comment on my space shuttle post.

    In Blogger settings I changed the email address where notifications of comments should be sent, but to no avail.

  6. The Crow - Thanks for that.

    John J - I have now commented three times, I think, on your LEJOG posts but they haven't appeared - the latest was just s few minutes ago. FOR EVERYBODY - I have received no emails for any of the comments on this post.

    afoot - it looks like we're all in the same boat.

  7. A very useful post, because I had completely failed to notice (in the absence of email notification) that I had received not just comments, but some spam as well.

    My initial thought was that this is something to do with the new GDPR (I really want to put 'Regs' after GDPR, but I feel sure that's what the 'R' stands for, so I'm resisting), and a bit of Googling suggests that: a) everyone on Blogger is in the same boat regarding lack of email notifications; and b) most of those people also suspect that Google has introduced the bug as a result of GDPR. Apparently, Google is aware, but I've not seen anything to suggest that they're putting any priority on fixing it.

  8. Gayle - I did receive an email notification of your (this) comment. Who knows what is going on?

  9. I can tell you how to correct this fault if you're still interested.

  10. RR - yes please. The fault seems to be intermittent. I get notifications on some but not others.

  11. Con:

    From time to time your blog home page, like mine, is partially obscured by a temporary pop-up strip beginning "This site uses cookies, etc, etc" Click on OK and it goes away.

    This reveals a permanent dark blue strip with three options: New Post, Design, Sign Out. Click on Design. Now click on Settings in the column on the left. Now click on Email, a sub-division of Settings.

    Note the query Comment Notification Email? The adjacent box should contain your regular email address which previously showed references to incoming comments.

    If it does, click on Save Settings, close this page, open your blog home page. Click on the comment access at the end of the latest post, tick the Notify Me box, close this page, then close your blog. Re-open your blog, send yourself a test comment. Check that a reference to this comment appears in your Inbox. Permanently delete the test comment.

    If your regular remail address doesn't appear in the Comment Notification Email? box, delete whatever address is there and replace it with your regular email address and complete the rest of the procedure.

    It may be necessary to wait awhile in between the various stages of these procedures.


  12. and if all else fails, open a few veins, it would seem