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Friday, 17 August 2018

Blogger and photos

Fellow blogger Mark replied to a comment I made on his blog resulting in me referring him to one of my older posts which revealed the blanking out of its photos which I have been aware of for several months. I reply here to Mark, and for the possible benefit of others. I would be interested to hear of similar experiences and if anybody knows of a solution.

Mark - oin’t worry about the photos. blogger seems to have blanked all photos I have put on the blog in the past uploaded from my iPad whilst on the hoof. Photos put on from my desktop iMac at home have remained. I despair at Blogger’s continued autocratic and idiosyncratic behaviour.


  1. A quick review of my blog posts doesn’t reveal any photographs missing from mobile blog posts. I use email to post which has its own problems, but better than Blog Manager. I’ve never tried posting directly from Blogger itself when away.

  2. Like Gibson, I post using email when on a trip, and all my postings and photos seem to have remained intact. I have a feeling that the images are saved somewhere in the Google cloud, and it would be easy to lose them in a tidying up exercise if you run short of space. In an effort to avoid that problem, I pay $5 a year for an extra 20Gb of space. That also allows me to retain slide shows in the same place, though I suppose I could now use Dropbox for that. I do struggle to understand and work effectively with all the different bits of software.

    Did you notice that I discovered a solution to the ‘email notification of comments’ problem earlier today!

  3. From your Homepage, click on View my Complete Profile. At the bottom of the page are three columns: Help, Community, Developers. From Community click on Blogger Buzz.

    No you won't understand everything there. But from time to time there'll be hints about the changes Blogger is bringing about or envisaging. Or you can go on belly-aching about Blogger's "continued autocratic and idiosyncratic behaviour" in maintaining a remarkably complex and much refined free service.

    By the way, I note the link you provide to Mark's blog includes the words "". In my experience, mainly with MikeM, this refers to an entirely separate system of blogging (from BlogSpot) with its own rules and its own impenetrable access protocol. Mark's experience may not be yours.

  4. Phreerunner and afoot - I have just done a test post from email. It seems the photos from iPad stay on the posts for some time and then disappear but I'm not sure of the timescale. You mention Dropbox which I use quite a lot to the extent of having a monthly modest subscription for loads of extra storage.


    RR - Yes, I knew about that facility but haven't been sufficiently motivated to search it in relation to this problem, but I will try. I have more or less resigned myself to accepting what has happened and continuing to fill my time with more prioritised activity. Whatever you may say in defence of Blogger it doesn't take away the frustration of trying to solve these sorts of problems which they seem to make difficult and time consuming to pursue.

  5. Oh, that must be very frustrating Conrad!

  6. Mrk - Well I went through it all before when Picasa did the same thing years ago. That time I managed to retrieve with the help of my tame computer man, but have no idea how we did it.

  7. Some of my older photos have gone too.

  8. I think my photos are all there apart from a few links to places like Garmin Connect, though I did get a comment the other day from someone who claimed that my Keen Targhee review images were not loading properly.