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Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Dsy 14

Sunday/Monday 6/7th August - Newport to home

I am now typing this at home.

My Air b and b in the centre of Newport was a first floor room annexed to a pub overlooking the yard where outdoor-smoker-drinkers caroused which made for  a kind of bedtime music - oh how tolerant I am? That was more than could be said for a black cuboid eight inch box that turned out to be a cooler for those awful little sachets of milk which in any case are long life and don't need to be kept refrigerated - this device made a continuous kind of humming hissing noise that was irritating to say the least. If I'd unplugged it would have been against the perceptions of the host for its need so I left it be.

It being Sunday I found that almost every eating establishment in the town was closed. Eventually I found a large fish and chip shop with seating for perhaps fifty. I was the only seated customer. Others kept drifting in for take-aways.

At first sight it didn't look promising, but the chips were to my liking and in particular the fish was cooked skinless, a must as far as I am concerned, and again not to everyone's taste, the batter was really crisp and crunchy - I was well satisfied.

Back at my pub I decided to have a cup of tea. Using a tea bag provided, and the aforementioned mediocre milk sachet I brewed up. The first taste was like Dettol. I presumed the cup had been washed with some kind of cleansing liquid that remained. I ditched the brew, filled the cup with boiling water, rinsed and dried throughly with a towel and re-brewed with a Yorkshire tea bag from the small supply I had brought with me. The result was exactly the same as before. I can only presume it was that awful milk.

Back at home I have a Peter Rabbit child's porringer with images of Peter running round the edge (Royal Doulton I think) - it goes back to my childhood and I remember eating porridge from it so it must now be seventy years old at least. I wouldn't say I attach too much importance to it, but it is a mildly cherished heirloom that has survived. As I vacated my room and walked down the drinker-smoker passageway a replica of my porringer caught my attention - it had been used as an ashtray snd had been despoiled by a revolting mess of squashed out fag ends.

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The non-lift giving Air b and b

That is early morning heat haze, but a fair impression of Staffordshire/Shropshire countryside

Crossing the Shropshire Union Canal

Norbury millennium stone - one of four. I saw another further on

The Wrekin


  1. Welcome home Conrad! So sorry to hear of your disappointing last couple of days. Restarting later in the year sounds like a good plan: it will be cooler - plus you may find accommodation more, er, accommodating.

    Re: your porringer, we still have (an identical?) one that was bought for our No1 son 35+ years ago. I couldn't bear to part with it.

  2. The trials and tribulations of a long distance walker. Sounds like a book title.

  3. JJ - Somebody suggested starting from the other end - I'm not sure about that.


    Alan R - I have had the best part of two weeks walking with lots of interest and I am well satisfied, although even the good bits, of which there were many, were made uncomfortable with the heat.

  4. Starting from the other end later in the year wouldn't be my choice, starting earlier in the year would be a different matter.....following the spring North and all that.