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Sunday, 5 August 2018

Day 13

Sunday 5th August. Near Eccleshalll to Newport. About 7 miles

Last night after leaving the pub it took me 40 minutes to walk back to the B and B. I have to say I was peeved about that especially as the host had even suggested driving me to Eccleshalll when i  enquired about pub transport before booking , and that is well beyond walking distance - she must have known my booking depended on a favourable reply to that enquiry and then she just ditched me.

This morning I set off in much heat and humidity and was soon all of a lather. I felt very tired. I hado expected to get fitter after a week or so. but at my age the opposite seems to apply. The temperature was 23 degrees forecast rising to 27 degrees. I only walked about seven miles but was absolutely bushed, and the forecast is the same tomorrow. Much of this walking through Staffordshire has been on quiet country lanes with high hedges and very few views. Quite boring really and demanding in the heat. Looking at my overall route, if i cut down to 10 miles a day it would probably take me another other three weeks which I cannot really afford b and bing every night. Taking rest days just adds extra cost without making progress. So I have decided to return home tomorrow and leave the rest for another day. I am sure my route becomes more interesting further down the country.

Working up to this trip  one half of me was influenced by cabin fever and me wanting to get back on the trail. Circumstances had dictated that I would be walking in school holidays making booking more difficult which has proved correct. The other half of me was suggesting leaving it to the back end after school holidays, and I reckon now that must have been the more sensible option, but there is no fun in being sensible all the time.


  1. Admirable decision considering everything. You’ve done really well in my opinion and all credit to you. There will be cooler weather soon enough.

  2. kendal grufties5 August 2018 at 16:42

    Discretion and valour come to mind, especially in this unusually warm summer. Temperatures are a lot more comfortable back here in the north west. I have to say I've enjoyed all of your posts, and as I head to my knee op next Sunday, it has been a real inspiration to me to read about what you've achieved so soon after yours. A bientot.

  3. Admirable decision as AlanR rightly says and well done on the daily distances you've achieved. We're all going to miss your daily posts though.

  4. You've done exactly the right thing Conrad, no point in punishing yourself in these uncomfortable conditions.
    Your rather poor treatment by your last host has left me feeling quite annoyed on your behalf - that's a poor show.
    I've enjoyed following you on your current adventure and I look forward to you returning to it.

  5. Ho hum, perhaps continue when you can admire the autumn colours?
    It was good to see you on Friday anyway.

  6. Thought I commented yesterday but it didn't appear.
    Hope you are home safe and sound - you can start planning the resumption.
    Will give youa call this week.

  7. Kendal grufties - That's great news about the knee (in a way) I thought you may have to wait longer, did you employ some strategy? I wish you all the best. Please let me know how you go.


    Afoot - Thanks for the vote of confidence.


    John J - I made it clear on the recommendation section of Air b and b marking her down on communication and some other heading and also detailing my complaint.


    Phreerunner - I will have a re-think about the remainder and perhaps post later about it.


    bowlandclimber - Got home about 2:00pm today, Monday - chilling out tonight.

  8. Hey Conrad, sorry to hear your Airbnb after mine was not as helpful. I totally agree that this weather is too hot to be walking any distance really. I think this weather is here till October now so it'll be a bit cooler for you then, and a bit darker in the evenings unfortunately. I'd love it if you carry on with your blog as perhaps exploring places you'd like to have gone to for day visits like castle, caves, etc or anything else that takes your fancy. Keep it up, Conrad, thinking of you and take good care of yourself :)

    1. Kam - thanks for your comment and interest. If you look back on my blog you will see that I post on average once a week - I am always up to something and usually have some day walk to report on and hopefully that will continue so keep watching.

  9. Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, I'll definitely check your blog for updates. I hope you're feeling better and less stressed with the heated hikes now. Take care, duck (as they say in Stoke, duck meaning Duke as a term of respect!)

  10. "There is no fun in being sensible all the time." Here, here.