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Saturday, 18 August 2018

Test to email post from email

I am including a photo as well.


  1. This post was sent from my desktop iMac.

    I have just tried to email another from my iPad with three photos.

    Message says: "Your message has size 41.2mb, which exceeds 27.0mb the maximum allowed by the server" and so it remains in my Outbox.

  2. You need to edit the size of the images*. On the desktop I edit in Photoshop to get 1200 x 720 approximately, then ‘Save for Web’, the saved image being 100 to 200 KB. But there are many ways to skin this particular cat. Your neighbour Mark uses Flickr to great effect on his Wordpress blog.
    * When mobile blogging I reduce the image size to 10%, the Samsung S5 automatically asks about re-sizing when I attach a picture to the email.
    Good luck.

  3. No idea what you are trying to do. Using WordPress seems much easier.

  4. Phreerunner - Yes, I also edit and reduce photos for the blog with Photoshop Elements with my desktop. I'm not sure how to do it posting with email, and also I don't get the range of formatting there that I get with Blogger I shall probably just bumble on with Blogger for a while.


    BC -I reckon your well out of it. I did set up a Wordpress blog a long time ago but found it difficult for reasons I can't now remember .

  5. Actually, whilst we whinge when it goes wrong, Blogger works pretty well most of the time. I think it is let down by changes made by Microsoft and Google that affect Blogger, and it then takes further effort to make Blogger work properly again, like the recent fiasco with comment notifications. It seems beyond Google's ability to keep Blogger users effectively informed of problems and their fixes.

    Re sizing of images for email postings using a phone, I must be lucky in that my phone asks me about sizing every time I add images to a posting. I just click on the 10% option. The downside is that the images all appear at the top of the posting, and currently only five images are accepted. I think by now most of my readers are used to this...

    1. I also get asked about image size on my phone (iPhone) Martin.

  6. can you not use Photos to size the emailed images - it works when send images to normal email addresses (from an iPhone as well as Mac)?

  7. All - Yes, I can resize photos in email: small, medium, or large. But I still don't get all the formatting that is avalable when using Blogger. It may be a while before I blog on the hoof again so I will leave this problem for the moent unless I get a sudden urge to spend a day lookin further into it.

    gimmer - I resize all photos for the blog in Photoshop when posting from my iMac desktop. They then go into a special folder so I know I don't have downsized photos scattered all over. I do have a Mickey Mouse version of Photoshop on the iPad, but it is not up to that procedure, and even if it was it is far too fiddly trying to use when you are sat on the bed in a b and b after just washing your socks and shirt, answering various blog comments, trying to write the new blog for that day, and anxious to get to the pub quarter of a mile away to eat. Time is very limited on these trips. I often get people wondering why I haven't stopped off to view some art gallery, or mining museum or whatever - it just doesn't happen. There are better ways of seeing such things giving one more time to appreciate and absorb.

  8. gimmer - now I see you said Photos and I had presumed that was a typo for Photoshop. I don't use Photos - it seem to take over too much. I keep all my photos in a folder called Pictures and it is simple and straightforward - I can usually find anything I want when I need to.

  9. If you keep Photos under control (ie copy the images to both Photos and your own folder(s) in Pictures), you can have the best of both worlds - it has some limitations, such as being unable to clip images directly into email unless it is a 'made in Photos' email, but you can 'export' the images to your Pictures file, sizing them to your choice - then you can add them to an email when and how you choose, and Mail will still ask you to choose the size, so you have plenty of control . . . and it works in iOS as well as Mac OS.
    The old iPhotos was easier to use for emailing, but this is a workable work-around which should work - but only if you post by emailing, I assume, not directly into your weblog wonderland: I use it this way, without tears or rage (very often).

    I've just read a book written about 20 years ago about the Annapurna Circuit - a very good account, but consumed by fear of the growing hordes and the dreaded road destroying the sacred places - too late now, I fear - they even have wifi in some of the lodges . . . it would have suited you fine - the right length, the right style, the right heights, the right food, the right accommodations - so passeth one of the wonders of the world.

  10. gimmer - All my photos are there in Photos on the Mac but I never use it. On the iPad, when I download from the camera they automatically go into iPad's version of Photos and usually I just take them from there to the blog without downsizing or very rarely any editing at all using either an app called Blogger or direct via Blogger Dashboard. I may try using email in fiture using its downsizing facility. All this is only relevant when I am blogging on a backpack - at home there is no problem.

    The book sounds interesting and that trip may have been a contender a few years ago, although I wouldn't fancy having Delhi belly for a fortnight or so.

    I am currently reading No Great Mischief - Alistair MacLeood. This is a nostalgic account of the Macdonald clan's emigration to Nova Scotia intermingling the history from 1779 in Scotland to vivid descriptions of the expanded families lives in Canada up to the 1990s, and the remarkable strong kinship that still exists. Very fine writing.

  11. Andrew Stevenson's book 'A Nepalese Journey on foot around the Annapurnas' (2002) is a good read with good photos.

    We enjoyed the Annapurna Circuit in 2004, with no stomach problems. I think the route has now changed a little, to avoid the new roads that presumably make a big difference to the locals.

  12. The book I read was by the same man, but with no photographic, only vivid verbal, images and imagery - never tedious or precious, as such texts can be: even though dated by the 'development' and militarisation of the area, the account and its story echos as true today as then - although only twenty-ish years ago, I gather that much has changed.
    It was probably the most intimate (as in introspective, revealing, but not solipsistic) mountain book I've read and one of the most perceptive. I class it as a mountain book: although there is no climbing, as such, in it, the surrounding mountains seem to pervade every second and every line.
    Probably better described as social anthropology, I suppose, but if you haven't read it, it is as good as Antarctic Journey, but true, all true !