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Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Trig points OS Sheet 91 - Jardine's farm and Windrigg Hil

Tuesday 6th August 2019 - Jardine's Farm - NY 606 351 - 150m.
Windrigg Hill - NY 583 177 313m.

Showers were foecast. I put washing out on the line to dry before I departed at 9:00 am. The weather was fine. I rarely turn on the fog lights on my car but twenty minutes later I was driving at peril through monsoon rain with only fifty to a hundred yards visibility - fog lights were deployed.

I intended to mop-up a few of the remaining trigs that are nearer roads and "mop-up" I did. I drove past Jardine's farm and parked up. After twenty minutes there was a break in the now less violent rain and I drove to the farm where I was given permission to cross the couple of hundred yards over a field of sheep to their trig.

My route across country featured nerve racking single track lanes with few passing places and frequent stops to consult the map on this convoluted route. Again I had a short weather window on arrival. It was only a few hundred yards up a field boundary but a trespass. As I found the trig a herd of frisky cows came rapidly towards me and I took a quick shot and set off in retreat with cows following - I turned and shooed them away - they immediately went into reverse and disappeared over the horizon.

The weather was still foul and I made my way onto the A6 down to Shap then down the M6 to Tebay Services to buy one of their special pork pies and what turned out to be a scrumptious rhubarb tart which went down well with ice cream later after my pie. As I left the M6 at Jct. 36 the weather had. cleared and from Milnthorpe onwards there was no sign of it having rained. My washing had dried on the line.

Jardine's Farm trig

Windrigg Hill - it doesn't look like it but the cows were approaching at speed

Jardine's is the red flag. I should have done the one at Culgaith on the way to Windrigg but I'd overlooked it - next time...

NB Tebay Services bottom centre


  1. Two lovely trig point photos.
    How many more remain to visit?
    It was dry and sunny here but flooding in Chipping.

  2. Well done Conrad, you must have nearly knocked all these trig points off, or are you going to plot a long distance walk between neighbouring trig points (eg start on Arnside Knott and visit the nearest trig to the east, then go to the nearest trig to the east of that, and so on). I wonder where you'd get to?

  3. BC - See the next post for what I think are much better photos. I have now only six more to do. Two are on MOD Warcop firng range and the other four csn be done with two visits.


    Phreerunner - Oh dear! I dare not start plotting. Are there trigs in the North Sea?

  4. BC - correction: only five left to do. total was 49.

  5. I don't think you'll find trigs in the North Sea, but it would be interesting to work out your 'last seen up to his armpits' position...