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Tuesday, 14 January 2020

OS Grid 38 (northing) SD 305 380 to TA 269 379 - Day 11

Saturday 11th January 2020 - Church Fenton to Skipwith Common (SE 642 373)

We walked on roads out of Church Fenton to the south of the old RAF airfield - there was no apparent activity although it is still used I think on a civilian basis.

We crossed the main east coast railway by a metal bridge in the middle of nowhere. For the first of two trains we were on top of the bridge and the whole structure shuddered and we thought that we, bridge and all, may have been taken for a ride on top of the train. I managed to get a couple of shots when another train approached from the opposite direction as we descended the steps.

In Cawood we searched for the castle but there was no trace on the patch of common land with its ditches and  long marshy grass. Partly because the crested newt has made its home here this patch of tranquility in the centre of the village has been saved for the community. I reckon we have a lot to thank the newts for in many parts of our country. The River Ouse was crossed by an elaborate swing bridge. Just to the north of here the River Wharfe joins the Ouse. We followed the Ouse eastwards on its northern embankment looking back across to Cawood church with Union Jack flying; was there some special occasion?

We lunched in a bus shelter at Riccall, our last village of the day then crossed the busy A19 to walk down the lane to the start of Skipwith Common and our parked car.

Back at the Owl Hotel we had our second excellent evening meal, this time in the restaurant. The previous evening had been busy with us having to eat in the bar where a thirteen year old  guest singer was performing - her backing track was deafening but her voice was up to it and although not all that much to my taste her performance was impressive.

Click first photo to enlarge all
Church Fenton airfield, and below...

Approaching our crossing of the east coast main line and...

...train one, this and below

And train two, this and below

We found this original gatehouse to the castle after our abortive search for the rest of it on the newt land behind. BC gives more history about this on his post.

The swing bridge over the R. Ouse at Cawood - the R. Wharfe joins the Ouse just to the north in the distance upstream in the photo

Looking back across the Ouse to Cawood church

Just checking to make sure it is right-way up

Walking into Riccall - this pub like many was closed down

I guess this conversion would handle about as well as a dodgy supermarket trolley

My favourite photo of the trip - it is now being used as my desktop background

Riccall church

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