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Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Heversham and Greenside

Monday 25th May 2020 (Day 62 of Lockdown) - Heversham and Greenside - 3 miles

Over a week ago I set off in the car to do this walk. It is just four miles to park at Heversham. Before I got to Milnthorpe my conscience nagged to such an extent I turned round and came back to walk more locally.

Since then restrictions were eased, and although my instinct tells me that was premature it sufficed to ease that conscience just enough to let me venture that bit further.

I have walked the first part of this route on Wainwright's Way recently with BC and also on a few earlier ascents of Heversham Head, but I was quite excited when I worked out this little circuit where the rest of it was on previously un-walked paths.

I have said before that the view from Heversham Head is one of my top three near home and today I had a diluted version. It is much better after gaining the extra height to the summit of Heversham Head.

The whole of this walk was attractive and it can go on my list of local walks worth repeating.
Heversham Church. The walks goes through the churchyard and up the hill behind

Still on the path to Heversham Head and part of Wainwright's Way

Heversham church and the Leven estuary leading out into Morecambe Bay. The view is much more extensive from the top of Heversham Head

A part zoom to the bay and Arnside Knott. My house is there somewhere below the summit

Out onto the road leading down to Greenside

What a good day.
When I arrived at the lonely oak I found it had been dismasted with huge fallen trunks by its side, but despite that misfortune it was in full healthy fettle


I had an email a few days ago from Jon not having heard from him since he packed in at The Kentdale Rambler outdoor shop in Kendal - he was at Glacier Sports in Preston before that. Jon was a keen climber and well known to my friend Bowland Climber and to Tony Frost who I climbed with for seven years before he died sadly from cancer back in 2003. Jon has set up a photography business based in Kendal and if you go to the link above you will see superb examples of his work.


  1. I remember having lunch with you in that churchyard whilst workmen were climbing on the roof checking security systems, the theft of lead from churches is a serious problem.
    Why did you miss out the summit today?
    I've spoken to you privately about "little John" - really nice guy.

  2. BC - Why didn't I visit the summit? I suppose I could invent some kind of answer but after thinking carefully about it I can't honestly say why, apart from pure laziness. I was quite taken up with following the route I had potted on public paths shown on the map so perhaps it was also tunnel vision. I'm pretty sure I will repeat that walk and include the summit and it will then become a little classic.

  3. Nice walk Conrad­čĹŹ. I'll hopefully get to Heversham next weekend or the one after, although I think my route skirts the village, staying to the west of the A6, so I won't see any of your route here unfortunately.

  4. Paul - You are right. Unfortunately you will have to walk up the A6 there for a while., but therr is a walkway.

  5. I'm pretty sure I've walked that circuit, but it must be over 20 years ago. I definitely need to go back there - that view down the estuary is superb!