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Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Quarry paths fenced.

Tuesday 12th May 2020 - (Day 48 of Lockdown) - Sandside Quarry paths fenced.

My commenter and friend Gimmer questioned Sandside Quarry's potential empire building in my last post. To clarify see below. I am now satisfied that empire building is unlikely. 

My approach was from the west along the southern edge of the quarry on the black dotted line footpath.
Note: that is not a defined public footpath.
The area in red is the fenced off area, the black line around indicating the fencing.
On previous visits the path crossed into the red area and ran down its middle. - this time there was access through the fencing into the red area but then the path was blocked off by the southern boundary of the fencing.

My route coming in from west (blue dots) going through fence then south down the red... 
This is one of several notices stating the questionable purpose of all this to which my comment referred on the earlier post. This is a somewhat overblown investigation but my curiosity was roused by Gimmer and I re-visited yesterday to get the photo of the notice. I reckon Gimmer can rest easy about the possibility of a quarry extension.
Where the path entered though the fencing into the red area previously the fencing had been closed up within the last twenty four hours so the red area is now fully sealed off unless you want to do a bit of intrepid ten foot fence climbing just for the sake of it.


  1. What is on the ground at "The Dog Hole" SD48268038 it's next to a small black dotted path. - do you need another visit?
    Presumably the public footpath running N/S is not affected by the fencing. Dallam Estate seem to have a history of fencing areas where previously people walked freely if not strictly legally.

  2. BC - See my next post. You are correct about the public footpath running south to north and west to east which is still unaffected - it is a broad well established forest track.

  3. I made my comment as I couldn't work out the precise line or scale of these fences - the extra detail makes it clear that they had nothing to do with the quarry , so thanks: whether that day will come , who knows. It would become like Cracoe or Carrara !