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Saturday, 26 January 2019

Grange-over-Sands prom (and macro)

Thursday walk with Pete - 24th January 2019 - The promenade at Grange-over-Sands

This post should have been accompanied by photos of all the shrubs still showing flower in the extensive and well established beds down the front at Grange.

I tried close up macro and telephoto macro but the results were so dire I would be ashamed to show them here - I must be doing something wrong? I have had the Panasonic TZ100 for over a year and can't say I am satisfied with it. All the photos, landscape or otherwise, lack sharpness. OK, I m only using the Intelligent Auto setting most of the time. By amateur photography standards this is not a cheap camera. and it should be better than this. I get the impression that the only solution is to trade up from this compact to a bridge camera but I just don't want to have that extra bulk and weight.

We did a there snd back down the prom with restricted views across the bay through the dismal murk with a chilling wind. We have had snow recently and there was the risk of ice which Pete was concerned about, hence this benign route - the fears of ice turned out to be unfounded.

We are seeing more egrets these days around here and I managed to get a full zoom shot which was a bonus, but whatever, these days are not so much about the walking, rather getting together with an old friend and having a natter.

Here are the remaining photos that have passed my censorship:


My egret - full 12 x zoom

We walked beyond the end of the prom and saw these two which again are taken on zoom because closer access was not possible. I reckon they are not rare but they may pose more of a challenge for Alan in view of their camouflage


  1. Hi Conrad. Thanks for the pics. Very easy id’s. Your first one is so easy that anyone looking at the image could tell it’s a David Brown 1210. Lots of these around and built between 1971 and 1980. The blue one is a belter. A Leyland County 4 wheel drive. A well respected tractor and they are quite rare and the 4 wheel drive system is quite iconic. They still command good money.

  2. AlanR - As I've said before I only want to send you ones that SEEM TO ME unusual, but at that distance and state of camouflage I couldn't tell with the yellow one.


  3. I'm surprised that you're unhappy with your Panasonic. Lynne still uses an old Panasonic Lumix TZ27 which I think gives better results than the one I use, a Sony RX which is newer and, supposedly, a much better camera. Many of the photos on my blog are Lynne's and I think they are fine even allowing for Blogger's reduced resolution.

    I'm sure you've checked all your settings but for what it's worth my Sony has to be on the 'Fine' setting to get the best results.

    I never use macro - I hold the camera close - then crop. With 20mp it works OK.

  4. afoot - I have since had a tutorial at Wilkinson' Cameras about macro, and was also advised that there would be no advantage in moving to a bridge camera - apparently they mostly have only half inch sensors whereas the TZ100 has a one inch. I shall battle on.

  5. I have bought a Nikon 1 J5 with 2 lenses, a 10-30mm and a 30- 110mm. I’m more than impressed with the results.

  6. AlanR - That looks a very interesting camera. When I read that you bought a Nikon I thought you must have won the Lottery, but the price seems reasonable, no doubt boosted by the extra lens?

  7. The price wasn't as much an issue as the weight and practicality. I think i got away with all 3 as it happens. As for winning the lottery, ha.
    I also picked up a very lightweight tripod so i can take some night shots. For backpacking or day hiking its a lovely camera with interchangeable lenses. I have always been envious of numerous other bloggers images and i havn't been able to get close to the sharpness they achieve. I know its not all about the camera, but having a good lens helps especially when i forget settings easily.
    I used it when in Spain over Christmas and i have been amazed at the difference over my old Sony HX9V.
    I won the camera on ebay, just to make it clear that the lottery played no part.