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Monday, 28 January 2019

OS Grid 38 (northing) SD 305 380 to TA 269 379 - Day 3

Sunday 27th January 2019 Inskip (east) to Longridge

A bright sunny day for this one, but a fierce cold wind most of the time fortunately coming from behind. That was fortuitous because this had been a longer walk at around ten miles. If we had been battling into that wind it would have been much more arduous.

I managed to drop the camera in some mud causing the  lens cover to malfunction so it was stowed away for later attention and no further photos taken. I am sure BC' will have more to look at when he posts - CLICK HERE

Since getting home I have tried to sort the camera to no avail; it is still within its two year guarantee period, so I'm off to Wilkinson's Cameras in Kendal where I made the purchase after writing this. Further report to follow. I will be surprised if I get any satisfaction.

Again we had many stiles, and at one point a broken stile dropped into a flooded ditch which would have been impossible to negotiate without full immersion, and anyway pointless. Pointless because the land on the other side where our public footpath went had been divided and fenced into approximately 200 metre squares with no access or exit points. We backtracked towards the farm and from the farm track we crawled under the fencing commando style. After that we found we could unhook the cording and cross quite easily on the subsequent fencing, but even so blatant disregard for a public footpath had been exercised here.  Near Kidsnape Farm - approx. SD 577 386

As always this had been an enjoyable day in good company with Bowland Climber with interesting navigation and challenges. We were now moving into  more attractive countryside.

The Plough at Eaves (Cuddy Hill)

Mud on lens after I had dropped the camera. 

One of many many stiles

North up the Lancaster Canal

Any guesses?

Central blue line is OS 38 Northing. Pink lines are 1 mile north and south


  1. I think your car is either a TVR or a Jensen. I will go for TVR but I’m not 100% . Very nice either way and what a waste.

  2. I’d guess TVR. How about an insurance claim on the camera?

  3. Phreerunner - my son also suggested TVR. The windows in the background as well as the condition of the car reflected everything else run down about what appears to have been a superior dwelling. I had thought about an insurance claims but see my next post which will hopefully weigh up all the options and come to some conclusion.

  4. That TVR or whatever ... how the mighty fall - perhaps there's a sad story behind the dilapidation, or perhaps there's another reason....

  5. Phreerunner - I have sent the photo to TVR asking them to identify it, if it is a TVR. Their reply will be posted as and when received.

  6. It is a TVR. You'll remember a short story I wrote two or three years ago that involved renovating a TVR. They used to be made in Blackpool and were thus never taken seriously.