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Friday, 11 January 2019

Mill Side

Thursday walk with Pete - 10th January 2018 -  Mill Side circular.

Snowdrops catkins and primrose gave us an early promise of  spring.

I forgot to bring my camera so these photos were taken with the iPhone - they have since been messed about a bit with Photoshop Elements. I can see little difference between camera and phone. But, I have become so used to the camera I would be reluctant to change. The iPhone makes it far too easy to use video mode or bursts or whatever by mistake and it is not ergonomically designed to be held comfortably for taking photos, and downloading to my desktop is nothing like as user friendly.

Daughter Jill recently inveigled me into downloading the Strava app onto my iPhone. This purports to measure the distance, time, speed and ascent of a walk and can also interact with other users who you elect to be in your group operating in a similar way to Facebook. I  recorded this walk and Strava said 2.6 miles. I then measured the route on Memory Map 1:25 carefully and came up with 2.22 miles - that is a 12.6% increase. I have always suspected that these tracking devices are not particularly accurate and other users may wish to note. That discrepancy would be the best part of two miles on a fifteen mile walk. I have not checked the other stats recorded by Strava but the above does not fill me with confidence for their accuracy.

My commenter and friend Gimmer may remember this venue

We have walked past here before  when I noted this pleasing little dell and this time took trouble to take a photo

What a gnarly tree

iPhone zoom to Whitbarrow

A tractor beast for Alan


  1. Happy New Year, Conrad. Very pretty photos, but I miss not seeing the route map - we often walk or cycle on similar ground and I do like to compare our routes with those you've discovered!

  2. I find that my Suunto watch overestimates distance by as much as 15% though my SatMap is pretty accurate. Next time I'm out I'm going to set my iPhone, Satmap and watch and compare against Memory-Map on the Mac.

    Incidentally, I don't know how you feel Conrad, but the functionality of MM on Mac is pretty poor I think. Memory-Map did warn me that they'd only 'tweaked' their software so that it worked with Mac but I think that's just lazy (and a commercial decision no doubt). I do like CloudSync for transferring routes to the phone though.

    If I ever want to upgrade the maps I'll buy different digital mapping software.

  3. kendalgrufties - 'twas an oversight o my part regarding the map - I have now put ti on.


    afoot - I have part of my Mac partitioned with Parallels giving me a Windows 7 version of your normal PC where my Memory Map resides. I agree that MM is a bit clunky but I have lived with it so long that I am unlikely to change - if I was starting over I would certainly consider options.

    I walked yesterday and turned on Strava then forgot to stop it at the end of the walk. I can't see me using this kind of software in the future - I already have enough of my time taken up with tech.