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Monday, 5 October 2020

Civic app and Safarinot supporting Blogger Dashboard

Monday 5th October 2020 - 9:00 am

My iPad Mini no longer works with Safari to open Blogger Dashboard. Notices suggest updating the browser but my late 2012 iPad mini is not supported for Safari, Firefox or Microsoft Edge. I have opened The Blogger app to type this just to see if I can send it.

9:45 am

I am now in Blogger Dashboard from my iMac desktop computer editing the above dreadful attempt from Blogger app.. The above is the best I could do in the difficult to use Blogger app on the iPad. The title should have read "Covid app and Safari not..."

Blogger app is just about useless for managing and posting as I have done in the past from my iPad mini using Blogger Dashboard when on multi-day walks.

If that is the only possibility  I see no point in taking the iPad with me in future. I can still blog from my iPhone which I have now realised it is the 6s Plus which is the earliest model which can supposedly use the new Covid app but that is not the case and despite trying again the message still says the app is not supported by my 6s Plus.

Yesterday I spent the whole day from 9:00 am to 6::00pm with Apple Support on the phone, and screen sharing, resolving issues regarding "permissions" and a redundant "user" on my iMac - ok, have a laugh you who smugly eschew Apple, but I have said many times I am not starry eyed about A but I have to say their support is now first class even though it took all day to sort those problems they stuck with me with dogged patience and eventually had it sorted.

After all this I feel like giving up on tech completely and going to live in a cave somewhere.


  1. I’ve just downloaded it onto my iPhone 6S plus Conrad.

  2. You are not alone Conrad. I find Apple support second to none. Never had anything but patience and good communication. Its needed when like me you are not a computer buff. I have spent many a day trying to sort out glitches and thought of throwing the iMac, iPad, iPhone out of the window so many times. Then I remember the problems I used to have with windows software, virus's and all sorts of other issues like pop ups, spam, anti virus software slowing down the processor etc. I wouldn't change from Apple that's for sure. My 2007 iMac is working perfect now and its quite fast since I stripped it and re-booted it. I am careful now of what I download and I use Icloud to store things rather than the hard drive. I also backup with a terabyte drive too.

    I have tried to blog with iPad and iPhone and its not good especially when you want to add photo's or want to scroll down a page. For some reason it doesn't play ball. I have tried to blog on my Samsung tablet with android system and its not much better on that either. I have no idea why it's such hard work. So as I started off, you are not alone.

  3. afoot - I can only assume it is effective more favourably the further north one is?


    Alan R - I wonder if anybody can report blog posting successfully from a cheaper android tablet of similar screen size and weight? In the old days the worst support was from Vodafone. The main problem was the very long waiting time to get to speak to anybody and when you did they tended to offload responsibility to some other agency. Last time I was involved with them a few years ago they had improved a lot. I think all these service providers have had to up their game over the last couple of years.

  4. I’ve not had any problems with Apple products (iPhone, iPad) and my iMac is just over 2 years old so I wouldn’t expect any issues. Nothing would get to go back to Windows.

    On the blogging front, I use email if I’m using the iPhone rather than the blogger interface and it seems to work well.

  5. I have used email blogger a couple of times in the distant past. If my memory serves me right the post was a bit disoriented. I might try it again and see.

  6. Sir Hugh - I downloaded the English Covid app and the Scottish one with no trouble. Just a thought though: do you have the latest iOS 14.0.1? I downloaded the apps before updating iOS but if you haven’t updated yet, it might be worth a try. It would be odd if living in Scotland made downloading the English app easier than if living in England but we are in the midst of an utter mess so who knows.

  7. Alan - it’s last year since I emailed posts but I seem to remember that the photos had to be positioned above the written content so that they appeared at the end of the post! Also BT mail works better than Gmail since it allows the file size to be selected before sending. Gmail doesn’t and if the files are too big the email is returned with a chunk of the post missing! If you haven’t kept a copy, you’ve lost most of your work.

  8. I feel your pain. When IT works, we take it for granted, but when it doesn’t, it can drive us absolutely crazy with frustration. I much prefer Wordpress to Blogger, but they have changed their interface recently and it’s like starting all over again!

  9. All - thanks for your contributions and suggestions. Yes I do have the latest IOS and have tried again without success.

  10. I use Windoze and Android so can't comment on Apple, however..e
    I strongly suspect the Google want to offload blogger - they don't make any money out of it, so why run it?

    M$ LiveWriter was the preferred way to publish blogs, it was simple and it did what you asked, until Google and M$ had, I assume, some sort of spat and stopped talking to one another.
    Then Open Live Writer (OLW) arrived and all was well for a very short time. Now I find it impossible to publish photographs using OLW, text only.

    My method:
    Create blog post text in OLW, then publish it.
    Go back into Blogger to edit the post, then add photographs.

    I find it more reliable to publish the photographs from Google Photos rather than from my computer - that means uploading your photos to Google first of course, another faff.

    Interestingly, a friend has recently changed from Wordpress to Blogger because she finds the latest incarnation of Wordpress to be very user-unfriendly.

    Maybe, just maybe you could publish the text of your blog post be email, then edit it (add photos) with blogger.

  11. JohnJ - yes, I sometimes edit email posts on blogger and occasionally add additional photos there too.

  12. All - I anticipate blogging text only in future. There is a cliché phrase often used by retailers and service providers: "Our policy is one for continual improvement." Blogger's policy seems to be the opposite.

  13. Indeed, yet Blogger insist they are working to 'improve the Blogger experience'.
    I suppose if they repeat something often enough then people will start to believe it.

  14. From a cave near you - I don't understand any of the above. I'm sure it helps someone but I will carry on chewing my bones.

  15. I can't comment on blogging from a cheap Android tablet, but I do blog from a moderately priced Android phone. My method (and I think I may have commented on this on a previous post, so excuse any repetition) is to type the post in the Bloggeroid App, then publish it as a draft (I know that's a contradition, but it's the terminology used by the App). I then go into the BloggerPro App and add the photos exactly where I want them. It sounds like a faff, but is really straightforward, so much so that until the latest version of Blogger came out, and after the demise of Open Live Writer, I used the same method at home too.

    Lately I've been using the new Blogger to draft my posts, but if there are photos involved I still save it as a draft then access it from BloggerPro on my phone to add the photos (because on my phone is where my photos reside).

    I didn't get on at all with the previous version of Blogger - so much so that it was rare indeed that I went anywhere near it - but since the new version launched I've been using it without many difficulties, albeit I've not tried to do more than type text and add videos.

  16. BC - I thought you were vegetarian.


    Gayle - It is uncertain as to when any multi-day backpacking may resume when blogging on the hoof would be required. For the moment I will blog from home and at the rate tech changes, by the time, if ever, that we get back to doing our multi-day thing all could have changed again. But thanks for you suggestions.

  17. I can't follow all the Mac blah-blah for the reasons you understand. But surely the key to all this is New Blogger. Which, by the way, continues to evolve as the days go by. Without any prior announcement the preview stage of installing the post now shows the pic not as a pic but as a block of HTML code.

    Until now I used to write my posts in Word 2010, then copy/paste them to Notepad, then copy/paste them to New Post. This removed problems of trying to copy/paste direct from Word.

    However this procedure now requires me to write in para-breaks as HTML instruction: (smaller than, p, greater than, ended by: smaller than, forward slash, p, greater than).

    You told me that you had no problems using New Blogger and couldn't understand what the fuss was all about. I had gone to the trouble of creating an entirely new blog (Tone Deaf Renewed) to experiment independently with New Blogger and I encountered quite a few significant differences (and a couple of advantages). It made me wonder whether your experiences were in fact with New Blogger.

    Sorry about "smaller than" etc. But if one types the symbols Windows reacts to them as code.

  18. PS: I have never written posts directly into New Post. It's far too easy to lose the whole thing accidentally.

  19. RR - reading all this it seems there are probably infinite ways of putting up a post. Everybody seems to have there own way and we battle on pinching bits here and there from others. Google seems to be putting up endless barriers in its bid to conquer the world - I seem to have to log and provide passwords for nearly everything I do, but if one is onto this tech one can hardly avoid it.