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Saturday, 10 October 2020

Covid test and dodgy football

Saturday 10th October 2020

Circumstances and weather have stopped me walking recently; none of that affects my ability to walk given the chance. I have been self isolating for seven days until I have a  minor op appointment next Tuesday (nothing serious I hope.) Consequently I had to have a Covid test. Despite adverse criticism of the testing system I can't complain. I had a call on my mobile yesterday which the hospital had told me to expect. I was given an appointment this morning at Lancaster for 9:15 am, only half an hour's drive. I arrived early and was seen straightaway. The test was quite painful in a minor sort of way: they do have to push the device a long way up each nostril.

I hope to get back to some walking again after next Tuesday


Another little football rant. I watched the England/Wales game the other night. There was an incident where a player was close to the goal where he put in an unsuccessful shot. At the same instant a half hearted tackle came from behind. The commentator said "He should have gone to ground there" implying that the player should have cheated by engineering a penalty. If that is how the commentators think the game should be played there is little hope for football being any kind of role model for sportsmanship and morality.


  1. Hope we can get a walk in when you are on the mend. Unless we are all locked in by then.
    Some people have had to isolate for a period after coming out of hospital but I suppose it depends on where you have been treated.
    Best of luck Tuesday. Let me rephrase that - I trust the experienced surgeon will treat you at the highest standard.
    As for football, a game I used to enjoy both playing and watchimg, there is an imbalance of finances which threatens to destroy the leagues in England. There is the threat of lower clubs becoming insolvent whilst some premier players are paid half a million a week. And then they dive...

  2. BC and all - Following my report on my Covid testing experience I received a message on my mobile at 11:00 am today giving me the all clear; that is just over 24 hrs. after the test at 9:00 am on Saturday.

  3. Good luck with the minor op. Football is in a right mess in my opinion. The rules are becoming so stupid and the players are constantly trying to gain advantage by cheating. Look at Adam Lalana going to ground to get Anthony Martial sent off in the Man Utd vs Totenham game for example. It always bugs me when commentators say "he's won a penalty". To me winning a penalty means that you tried to get one in the first place. It is putting me off watching football.

  4. Sorry that should have read Erik Lamela not Adam Lalana. My mistake.

  5. I’m sure your minor op will go well Conrad, but good luck anyway.

  6. Alan R and Afoot - thanks for your good wishes. I have a "thingy" on the edge of my ear - my son says I'm turning into a unicorn.

  7. Hope all goes well tomorrow and the weather is amenable later in the week for you to enjoy your renewed freedom with your isolation period over.

    I used to watch a lot of football and had a season ticket at Molineux for a decade. My rapid (and almost total) loss of interest in the sport was strongly related to the amount of cheating in the Premiership.

  8. Good luck for the op Conrad.

    I think the problem of diving in football is actually mostly the referees' fault. They never give a penalty if a player stays on their feet while being subjected to an illegal foul in the box, which means players have to dive to get a legitimate penalty, and so will continue to dive to get illegitimate ones too. It is a problem in the modern game, but one the referees could go a long way to fix easily. They give free kicks elsewhere on the field without a player having to fall over, so why not in the penalty box?

  9. Hi Conrad, I hope your little op went well and you get your 'release' soon.

  10. All - the op went ok - thanks for your good wishes. I have been out in the fresh air again - a post is work in progress at the moment.