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Saturday, 31 October 2020

Do it now.

I have just replied to my friend BC on his blog where he despairs at the recent ignoring of advice by the public and the obstinate refusal by the government to follow scientific advice, which I can understand to a certain extent with the need to keep at least some of the economy going. But the behaviour of much of our public, and especially the young who will inherit the aftermath of this mess is shameful. During the first lockdown the behaviour was commendable but why has that now been reversed ? There is a need for much stronger leadership and if required more rigorous enforcement.

My reply to BC:

"It’s not looking good. I feel ashamed to be British among this wholesale transgression by huge chunks of our population and the stupidity of not following scientific advice."

We seem incapable of taking decisive action about anything in this country. The following summary is not directly related to Covid but for me it outlines how things grind along hampered by the fear of MPs on all sides loosing their seats and the incumbent party loosing their majority. I am not writing this aimed at any particular party - they are all the same. 

Some issue arises, I am not writing specifically, but for instance it may be cladding on tower blocks. There is public outcry. The media fire up all sorts of erroneous information. A petition is mustered forcing a debate in parliament. Usually nothing comes of this but if it does it comes as an announcement that an enquiry will be set up. It likely takes several months to find somebody as the chairperson. After a year the enquiry gets underway. There is then some scandal or dispute or clash of opinions and the chair resigns and we start all over again. After perhaps three years (I don't think I exaggerate) the enquiry reports to the government with many recommendations. Most of those are ignored by the government, some probably for party political reasons and so we rumble on. The cost involved of all this must be monstrous bearing in mind we have goodness knows how many enquiries running or in formation at any one time. Meanwhile in other counties it seems possible to get things done quickly for the general good.

We built over 100 airfields in no time leading up to WW2  - that was probably achieved by the government having been granted unlimited powers but in sheer physical terms it shows that things can be done expeditiously, but how dire do things have to get before we take decisive action?


  1. If the media "fire up with all sorts of erroneous information" where are you getting the truth from?

    Shameful behaviour. It became clear that certain people in senior positions didn't think the rules applied to them. Those that made sacrifices during lockdown reckoned they'd been taken for fools. The goodwill that had built up during lockdown was dissipated with the result that the discredited government found it lacked the authority to issue more painful rules. Hence the half-and-half situation which will surely dissolve into full lockdown quite shortly

  2. Got you going there Conrad.
    RR's paragraph sums up our predicament perfectly.

  3. RR - hopefully YOUR favourite newspaper.


    BC - Although I suspect RR agrees with most of what I said he will always find something to criticise.

  4. As I was loosing my dog it occurred to me that I might actually be losing my dog.. :)

  5. For what my opinion is worth.
    The problem with the public started with Cummings. If he can get away with it then so can I attitude. Boris does quite a bit of smirking during his presentation to the public which makes folk think this is just a joke. All our bars shut at 10pm but not Parliament bars, so people who regularly go to the pub think MP's are taking the P.
    Then there are folk who don't believe there is a pandemic and its just a ploy created by the G8. So they won't agree to do anything which the Government say.
    You go to testing stations and they are completely empty, as is the Nightingale in Manchester which goes against what the Government states, so again who is telling the truth.
    When they use media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to announce important changes what about people who don't use media platforms. They get 2nd hand info which is usually wrong. No Government should use Facebook or twitter they should just stick to TV which everyone has.
    There are people who don't have smart phones, so track or test and trace is meaningless. People have now sussed out the underlying faults with the T and T system and are now refusing to use it all together. And how many billions have they wasted on the system.
    Some people are getting messages that they have tested positive and have never had a test so how can we believe the figures released which are basically estimated anyway.
    The mind boggles. Boris and his mates have made an absolute mess of it all. Its no wonder certain sections of society are not interested.
    Its good to rant occasionally, I think.

  6. Alan R - Well said. I know the whole problem is unprecedented, and the problems and action to be taken are massive and whichever course is taken it is likely to be a matter of trial and error whatever government is in charge, although the reluctance to follow science seems to me to be a basic flaw in the way this has been handled. The present government have systematically shot themselves in the foot and frittered away the confidence of the public to what now seems an irretrievable position. As you say large sections of the community have been by-passed and are now rebelling, a big contrast with the cooperation at the outset.

    My daughter is a member of the Senior Leadership team at her school and also teaches classes. Whilst every other sector at high risk have been issued with protection and everybody in the wider community are wearing masks teachers have been denied any consideration at all AND THEY ARE LITERALLY PUTTING THEIR LIVES ON THE LINE EVERY DAY almost as much as many NHS workers. I am extremely worried about her situation.

    I notice Boris said this lockdown was for four weeks but like many such "leaders" he has his hatchet man in the background: I read this morning that Gove has almost told us it will be extended; my guess is the decision has already been made. I am not quibbling with that decision so much but it is the way it is put across, or not put across that sickens me.


  7. It really should have been handled by a body which had no political affiliation IMO. I feel for your daughter Conrad. I don’t think PPE is her biggest worry even if it’s not provided it isn’t expensive to buy it. Especially if you can claim it all back at the end of the tax year.
    You are not alone being scared btw. If your not scared to some degree then you must be denying it exists or a teenager.
    Look after yourself Conrad. I know that’ is easier said than done.

  8. All: Get into the habit of not calling him (You know who!) by his first name. Keep that for your latest teddy bear.

  9. Semper in excrementum, sola profundum variat

  10. Alan R - Perhaps I sm still a teenager?


    RR - From now on I will refer to The Hatchet-man as such (or maybe Goofy.) I think the latter is appropriate physically and to some extent for personality. As for the other he may become Goofy's Boss, and DC may become Goofy's Boss's Boss.

    Phreerunner - I tracked down the translation, better in Latin. AS bit vulgar in English.

    Afoot - I m sure RR will appreciate your brevity. Verbosity is his anathema.