Saturday, 13 September 2014

Day 11 - Torquay to Ivybridge - Saturday 13th Sept.

I had a thoroughly pleasant meeting with friends today, no walking, and ended up at The Sportsman Inn at Ivybridge. Here I have the whole of an attic second floor flat for £35. It is pretty basic in decor but well appointed with facilities and I have arranged a pre-prepared breakfast so I will be able to get away early in the morning for the start of The Two Moors Way. Now then, hands up all those who thought I was continuing on the SWCP.

I have booked a Shepherd's Hut equidistant from Scorriton and Holne and it's a fifteen mile walk.

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Gayle said...

No hand up here, but then I did have insider knowledge!

Finally off to the coast myself tomorrow for my belated (and now severely curtailed) trip.

Blonde Two said...

A shepherds' hut! You must take some pictures as I have a feeling we Blondes would love to try it out. I have stayed in one once and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Hope you enjoy our moors as much as we do!