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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Day 12 - Ivybridge to Holne

I was able to depart Ivybridge for 7:15 am. A stiff road climb took me onto the moor and several fast miles on an old tramway track used for transporting peat, then it was off onto the footpath of The Two Moors Way (TMW). I found not a single way marker during the whole fifteen miles except for one at the start and one at the end. The path kept disappearing and I spent lots of time consulting gps and walking on compass bearings over virgin moorland. In a way that was quite interesting and a challenge but I wouldn't recommend it for the inexperienced. That is surprising when Devon CC have produced an excellent guide, and perhaps I would have done better following that as well as the OS on Memory Map, but there is a limit to the number of gadgets, compass, guides and maps that I want manipulate all at the same time as well as continuing to use the indispensable walking poles.

I am staying at a farm camp sit at Michelcombe between Scorriton and Holne in a Shepherd's Hut. There is a double bed, camping gas stove, a sink and cold water and some 12v lighting, and a toilet block about a hundred yards away. I have walked twenty minutes back into Scorriton where I have just had a magnificent rare beef salad with excellent double fried chips.

I am having charging and signal problems so will try to send this now with pics later. The priority is to preserve battery life for map navigation.

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Blonde Two said...

Ooops, we should have probably told you about that. No green line on a Dartmoor map is complete on the ground. It is one of Dartmoor's little games that she likes to play with you. Always good to brush up on the compass skills though!

High Horse said...

I think we need to invent a charger that works on walking motion - you would be lit up like a beacon!!!

Sir Hugh said...

Blonde Two - I've now read about the policy of non way marking and respect that. The only problem is that it may lead to more outings for the local rescue team.

Sir Hugh said...

Hh - I'm already lit up when returning from the pub.h