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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Day 4. Lulworth Cove to Weymouth. Sat.6th Sept.

The Castle in was run of the mill last night. Very reluctantly I acceded to their request to retain my credit card for the tab. That is a totally unacceptable practice, and I only agreed because of the general set up here. They also had me initial the tab every time I added a drink or whatever and I found it all very irritating.

Brilliant walking and cliff scenery with steep ascents to rival anything on the Munros with spectacular sea views as a bonus. You really do need to get out and walk to see our stunning countryside properly.

I eventually descended into Weymouth. It was heaving. A long walk along the prom saw me at the supposed TIC which turns out to be closed, replaced by some private enterprise group. They thrust a booklet into my hand covering the whole of Dorset, and perhaps the rest of the world. I departed and took the little rowing boat £1 ferry across the harbour and learnt there was a harbour/sailing event in progress ( very similar to the Eisteddfod problem I encountered on my Wales walk) leading to all accommodation being booked. I trudged on, now gradually exiting Weymouth and saw several b and bs with no vacancies. I threw myself in the mercy of a very kind lady ( ex nurse) at the Eastney Hotel. It was getting late and I was desperate. She had no rooms, but, she set about telephoning all in the vicinity, but to no avail, and we were now evaluating the size of her minute lawn in relation to the size of my tent. One of her contacts phoned back to say they had just had a cancellation, and only 200 Yards down the road. Twenty minutes later I was in a hot bath.

Some good photos to follow but forgot to bring the camera to my eating venue to transfer pics to the iPad, and more about that agreeable eating experience later.

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Anonymous said...

Even though I'm enjoying the weather and ambiance in France you are making me envious of your adventures.

Sir Hugh said...

BC - touché deluxe foisted!

Sir Hugh said...

BC -Touché deluxe fois.

Never checked what predictive text was doing.

Anonymous said...

BC - I give up.