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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Day 2 - Swanage to Worth Mon Travers

Last night I went to bed in the YHA dorm before the other two occupants, so didn't meet them till this morning. I noticed one guy was reading Money Weekly - what can there be to write about every week on that subject? I am pretty good at getting people going conversationwise but reckoned I might be out of my depth here. Anyway he was totally nerdish and uncommunicative as may have been predicted.

The other guy turned out to be one of those typical Jeremiahs one often meets. When he heard I was planning to stay at Lulworth Cove YHA the night after next he was in his element, "Oh! It's had to close down for the moment, don't think you'll be able to stay there, there's been a Nova outbreak". He was visiting the area to view places of historic interest, especially some local connection with Lawrence of Arabia.

Before leaving home I was very proud of purchasing a mini tube of toothpaste which had the bonus of fitting inside my soap container with the soap (space saving is only secondary to weight saving).

I trogged down the corridor to the bathroom feeling a bit smug about giving the new tube its first try. I removed the top and underneath, instead of the usual peel off foil cap the tube was solidly sealed with plastic. There was some printing on the mini tube which may have explained removal but it was so small I couldn't read it even with my £350 varifocals. I returned to the dorm and the redeeming feature was being able to use Swiss Army Knife for the second time this trip. I decapitated thing that had now turned into a nuisance rather than a treasured possession without removing part of my finger and gave tooth brushing a miss.

After breakfast I saw the boss and asked about the Nova sensation - he confirmed the hostel had reopened a few days ago and then very helpfully proceeded to book me in on-line for Friday night, so I take back some of my critical remarks from the last post.

Walking on the cliff tops has been of the highest order today. There was nobody about for the first couple of hours, but then I saw, met and chatted with plenty, but spaced well enough not to be an irritation - a splendid day.

Lulworth was too far from Swanage so I had pre- booked a B and B at this attractive little village and I am eating with them at 7:00; it is now 6:00. More later.

I have downloaded pics from the camera bur suspect this post won't go if I include them in view of the signals, so I will send them after if it is possible.

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Gayle said...

Is that one of those tubes of toothpaste with a jaggedy-sided round disk sealing the tube? If so, you'll find a corresponding jaggedy-round cut-out on the top of the lid. You invert the lid, insert disk into slot and twist. Goodness knows what's wrong with as good old bit of foil!

You've beaten me out onto the coast (a fact about which I'm kicking myself, given the current fine weather). My plans are currently undergoing a bit of a re-think...

Sir Hugh said...

Gayle - thanks for the tutorial. Good job I didn't find out for the sake of a good post. I hope you can MAKE THINGS HAPPEN and get yourself back yo the coast soon.

High Horse said...

Ha! That makes me laugh about the toothpaste! I bought a full-sized one and when I opened it up thought I had a rogue defunct one where it had accidentally been sealed with plastic. I then went a bought another one and was astonished to see the same thing!!! No instructions on the tube and it was passing glance at the lid that I put two and two together! Felt really stupid!