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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Day 7 - Seatown to Axmouth. Wednesday 9th Sept.

Details for my hut:

07816188097 - self catering - £60.

I was off up Golden Cap after being given a bacon sandwich and a bowl of fruit all helped on by a pot of tea made in my hut.

I was first on the path and birds and wildlife were frequent. Golden Cap is the highest point on the south west coast of England.

It was very hot and I made a long road descent to Charmouth due to cliff falls.

Again there is another major closure between Lyme Regis and Seaton necessitating a several kilometre trek on an A road with no pathway - 'twas all a bit hairy.

Quarter of a mile out of Axmouth there was a B and B, but I pressed on to look at the pub and campsite, then decided to track back to the B and B, but there was no response at the door, so I did yet another quarter mile back to the campsite. I was going to pitch my tent in some shade then realised a party of six or so, tattooed, and earinged were drinking cans of beer, playing loud music, and doing a good impersonation of Blackpool on a bank holiday.

I moved to the other side of the site, pitched the tent then found my neighbour was playing Radio2 non stop. Next a motor home rolled up and said I was in the pitch the warden had directed them to. Fortunately they were happy to roll up to the back of my tent and leave it at that.

I am now at The Ship which is incredibly busy. Tables have been reserved and I was allocated a high stool high table which was only made comfortable by hoicking the chair from the opposite side to rest my feet on.

I am just too weary to do the photos from camera to iPad, they will follow next time I am civilised. Getting in and out of that tent is excruciating - I reckon my camping days are not far from over, but I must say this has been an excellent trip so far.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent trip so far. Hope you were well fed at The Ship pub and had a quiet night on the campsite from hell. Maybe a bit of Radio 5 'up all night'

Anonymous said...

You must be exhausted! Hope you slept well and without musical disturbance :)

Sir Hugh said...

BC - hi John - just read the next post.


Coastal Walker - same applies to you Ruth. I know why you said that part of SWCP was one of your favourites. Yes I am a bit weary each day, but thoroughly enjoying it. When are you doing your next bit?