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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Day 1 - Arnside to Poole (hopefully)

I bought new Brasher trail shoes for this trip. I've worn them two or three times around home. This morning at 5:15 am, prior to walking down for the 6:06 train I put on the Brashers and the top lace eyelet snapped off. I had to lace them down to the next set of eyes. It is all very well being able to claim under guarantee but this is useless at the inconvenient time when the fault occurs. I am at the start of a potential two week walking trip so getting this sorted is hardly practical.

I am now on the train between Manchester and Winchester. With the help of the bradawl and the mini pliers on my Swiss Army Knife I have managed to re-thread the lace through the fixing holes of the departed PLASTIC eyelet without damaging the Gortex lining, but I reckon I've finished with Brashers for ever.

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High Horse said...

WHAT!!!! That is dreadful!!!!! Take a picture of it to use when you get back and want to pursue a refund.

However - yet again the Heath Robinson genes prevail - mini Swiss Army knives are a must have and I know you can't leave home without zip ties!

I think you should work on a coffee table book:
"Walking Shoes I have Loved and Lost!"

Roderick Robinson said...

There are eerie overtones in this post and they recall a lengthy poem called (or identified as) "For the want of a nail..." I'd better not tell you how it ends.

Sir Hugh said...

High Horse - yes I will be having a oh at somebody.


RR - my version concludes with:

"There's a hole in the ground where the body was found, and it's all..."

John J said...

Worra pain - I hope that's the last of your bad luck on this latest trip. South Downs Way perchance?

mike M said...

Sounds to me like it was a hook, not an eyelet. No?