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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Day 5 - Weymouth to Portland YHA. 7th Sept.

Last night I ate a The Crow's Nest in Weymouth, ten minutes walk from my B and B. This was a tapas set up so I had whitebait and then black pudding on toast and finally a strawberry cheesecake and coffee. The point was the attention to detail and presentation for what were very simple dishes made something of quite high order.

Having negotiated breakfast for 8:00 versus the standard 8:30 when I presented, the place was deserted and I had to ring bells, and then panic ensued for the single young girl in charge who had not been informed of my early breakfast, so it was a late start at 8:45 for a long day.

I had been uncertain about the long diversion of the SWCP which circumnavigates the presque-isle of Portland because one ends up no further west (the desired direction) after a full day. However it was well worthwhile, with excellent cliff top walking down to Portland Bill. There was a highly organised rectangular beach café with hatches in each of four sides to dispense your food after your number was hailed by a loudspeaker. All the way round there was much evidence of the quarrying of Portland Stone with little derricks and mini harbours for off-loading stone onto boats to contribute to many of the major buildings in London.

Completing my circle at the YHA the only girl in charge had broken her arm and was therefore unable to prepare an evening meal. I have just been totally over faced at The Little Ship with more chips than I could manage and batter on the fish that I peeled off and left, it's underside like soggy cardboard.

This has been a brilliant day's walking and I would recommend doing Portland to anybody considering the SWCP.

For JJ - just came across a dire Trip Advisor review of a pub in Abbotsford you seem to have visited. It all looks too expensive there and my plan at the mo for tomorrow is to battle on and camp at Puncknowle.

Photos to follow.

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Roderick Robinson said...

Did you meet the cove at Lulworth? If you did, was he old? Coves are always old, except when they're geographical.

I think "high order" recurs, but not in consecutive posts. The phrase has, I think, mathematical associations and I was left disappointed. Possibly the only one of your readers to utter this complaint.

Sir Hugh said...

RR - it may also have a religious connotation. Perhaps the food or those who prepared it had been blessed. I was not disappointed.