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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Day 1 part 2. Wed. 3rd Sept.

A series of trains on time got me to Poole at13:36. At the bus station I found the 13:45 had left two minutes ago. Earlier enquiries of the Tourist Information office from my home had misinformed me the buses were half hourly. They change on the 1st Sept to hourly so I had an hour to wait.

The ferry from Sandbanks to Shell Bay reminded me of Under Milk Wood's department store, "...where the change hums on wires", it runs un submarine chains which make a dreadful noise. I wouldn't want to have a prolonged journey that way.

From the ferry the SW Coast Path follows a beach for naturists - well that was a bit different and I was a bit chary about using my camera. Strange, they all seemed to be looking down.

Out at Old Harry's Rocks I had a close up of chalk white cliffs and pinnacles and a pleasant seven mile trudge to the YHA at Swanage where I had pre-booked. I arrived at 6:30 - it is a pretty cheerless place where staff are just going through the motions, and for what you pay it is not so good.

I will be on the SWCP for a bit now so navigation should be easy so long as I don't go too far left anywhere.

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Mark said...

Fabulous to hear that you've embarked on another walk Conrad - best of luck with the weather etc.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you! Love that part of the SWCP from Swanage onwards. Enjoy.

Roderick Robinson said...

Seems you profited from the missed bus. And so did we.

Sir Hugh said...

All - thanks for comments. Only just caught up with replies. Will try to keep on top in future.